I really NEED to have these....

  1. I have been aching for this pair of flats for some time now but I cant seem to find it. The whole of Europe is sold out of these in my size (according to the SA in Harrods who helped me check the system), Hong Kong does not carry my size, Singapore and KL sold out in my size, London has a display pair in Harrods but it is severely damaged and the SA does not recommend me buying them. eBay has a few pairs but none in my size too. :crybaby:I am a size 39, its times like this i wish i had smaller feet!!

    Please, if anyone has seen these anywhere, be an angel and let me know!! I would be so grateful! :shame:

    Thank you ladies!! :heart::heart:

  2. I am almost positive I saw these today at the Chanel Boutique in Chicago ... or something very similar
  3. So Cute!
  4. I tried them on in black in Dec and they felt like foot-gloves!! The shoes hug your feet! Very comfy :love: But I fell in love with the white and they only had a last pair in size 35.5.. :crybaby:So I have been searching for these all over since Dec.. **sigh**
  5. how much are they retail for? They do look very comfy.
  6. I have one pair of Chanel flats and they are so comfy. Those are cute.
  7. I have a few of these! They are so comfy.

    If you can wait till spring, all the stores are getting in the new colours. There will be pink patent with a black toe (I'm getting that pair) a black with a yellow toe, black with red... a few others I can't remember. One in white and black for sure. Call your SA to get her to hold a pair for you!
  8. Really?? :nuts: Thats the best news I have heard in a long while!! Thank you Jayne!! I shall make a call to the boutiques!!!! :love::love::love:
  9. They retail for approx SIN$850 in singapore, approx HKD$3900 (if what i remember is correct :shame:smile:, I think £270 in London and $550 in the US (if the SA told me the price for the right shoe).