I really need some help w/a tiffany's necklace!!

  1. I just got this necklace as a gift [​IMG]

    but the heart is sooooo big!!! and I went to the local Tiffany's to see if they had the smaller one, and she showed me the mini, but theres such a huge size difference between the mini and the one I have now. And the girl kept telling me no no no, thats the next size up. But they had an 18k gold one that was in between both sizes of the sterling silver........ does anyone know why this is?????? I really think she was wrong, but i'm not sure!!!
    I want a smaller heart, but the mini is too small.... will I just have to live w/the bigger one??????
  2. there should be a medium size
  3. I agree, there should be a medium size.. did u try going online to their website ?
  4. yes it says small and medium, i ordered the medium from the website, but it seems so big
  5. I was just at the store last week and they have the small , a meduim A - which is an intermediate size about the size of a quarter, and a medium b which is about the size of a half dollar ( which I believe most people refer to as large, but on the tag they call it medium B. I don't know about the silver - but in gold on the website they call both mediums(just medium without the letter designation) - you can only tell which one is which by the 200 dollar price difference and the larger one comes on an 18" chain rather than 16".
  6. Get the medium with a 16" chain, it looks way better. I have a small face, a to this very day, regret choosing the medium b heart w/18" chain - it's just too big to wear everyday.