I really need some advice on purchasing my first Mulberry bag

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  1. I am very new to Mulberry. Never even viewed one in person but I know I must have one! I have been looking for a new bag for a month now and after seeing them, I know that this is it! I am however very nervous about purchasing one. I have honestly never spent over $300 for a bag so this is very new to me. Whatever I purchase, I need to be able to carry for at least 2 years.

    I am trying to decide between:

    1) a black natural leather Bayswater that I can get for abotu $700 US from a private seller

    2) an oversized Oak Alexa for $800 US from a private seller


    3) a black mini leopard patent Alexa (I love this bag sooo much but I would be purchasing at full retail price and not sure if this bag would hold up like the other leathers or if it will be too trendy to carry for a long time)

    What advice can you all give me? I usually carry: a wallet, eyeglass case, lotion, hand sanitizer (small size), pocket calendar, and being in law enforcement, sometimes my off-duty weapon.

    I have two small children and love the long strap that the Alexa offers so I may carry it on my shoulder but have heard bad things about the quality so I am unsure.

    Any advice is really, truly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Hello, can't advise about the Alexa as I haven't got one. I would check on here as there are a few post about her (good and bad). I have a bayswater and I love it but you mention you have two little ones. I tend to wear mine on my arm or grab the handles as they are not quite long enough if you are wearing a thick coat. Ever considered an across the body bag?
  3. Just in case you didn't see it, i posted after you in the 'oak alexa' post from claypot with my thoughts on your bag decision. The firearm thing might also be an issue. I have no clue about guns but imagine they are fairly heavy: something to consider with the alexa. Also, if you needed it in a hurry, do you need to consider how quick the bag is to open? Are you better off with a zip rather than the alexas postman lock/ double buckle combo?? I love my Alexa but don't see it as a work bag. More a funtimes casual bag!!
  4. Ratrat has just posted fab modelling pics of the Patent Mini Leopard Alexa in her reveal thread, if you want to take a look at it.

    Personally, I'd say for a first Mulberry a Bayswater is always a good idea as it's such a classic, especially in black leather. You just can't go wrong. It's also much sturdier than an Alexa (I have NO idea how heavy weapons are?) people refer to Bays as a "workhorse". However the big downside is that you can only really carry Bays on the shoulder in light clothing, as madmadmo says, and there's no strap to use as a messenger for total hands-free use.
  5. ooh tough decision! I would go with my heart, and get the new mini leopard. It sounds like you adore it, and you deserve to own one brand new bag and get the whole Mulberry experience.

    I was drooling over the very same bag this weekend, and I honestly think it will stand the test of time, as it is black on black, so it will not date.

    Thats what I would do ;)
  6. oooo tough one!

    the first two are classics and you would likely keep them for long time.
    if your like me and love the flashy unusual bags then go for the mini leopard alexa, i think youll get loads of compliments on this one :smile:
  7. Thanks, ladies. I know, the firearm thing is weird but I had to be honest as it is often in my bag :shame: and is a bit heavy.

    I am not really worried about the ease of getting into the bag as much as I am worried about the difference in the durability of the Alexa and the Bays.
  8. Just a thought.

    You could do the Bays for Apple/Mac and keep your handgun or work-issue things in the slip at the back; that way, if someone were to reach in or you went in for other things, you weren't flopping around inside a big dark black hole of a purse grabbing things you shouldn't be throwing about in public.

    Or, as another option if you didn't want to pay out the extra cash for the pocket, you could even get a VIP liner like some of the girls have and keep your firearm in that inside the regular Bays.

    (can you tell that my vote is for the Bayswater..? :love:)
  9. Great idea!

    I really wanted a black bag.....I believe the Apple/Mac Bays comes in only Oak and Patent, right? Would patent be too much for everyday wear? I do love the silver hardware and the longer strap....plus, I do have a 13 inch Mac so when I am not carrying my work requirement, it would have multiple functions....hmmm you might be on to something! ;)
  10. Sounds like it could be a perfect fit for you!

    You'd have to ask the girls with patent bags, or wait for someone else to pop by the thread, but I don't think it would be. It's pretty darn classy.
  11. and I am honestly wondering if this is the very first time we have been asked which bag would be best for an off duty weapon! absolutely loving it !!! :lol::woohoo: I love a new first!!
  12. LOL! Probably! It probably isn't too common. But I figure, hey, if you gotta carry it, why not have it be in a fabulous bag, right? ;)
  13. Absolutely!!:biggrin:
  14. The only option unless mulberry start making holsters
  15. Don't give them any ideas, ML!!