I really need help pleeeeease!!!!

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  1. Can someone please help me? I bought my first Chanel in Nov and I need help with her name. The tag only says Large Tote bag, but my SA at Saks said she was a large shopper tote. Problem is, she looks nothing like any of the PST or GST's I have seen anywhere on here or on eBay. Unfortunately I am needing to sell her and I want to know the most accurate way to list her on eBay. I have seen the same bag called a Perfect Day Tote in two other eBay listings, but those two were horribly fake, so I am thinking maybe that is not even the real name. HELP! I will try to post picture in this post but I am including a link to the completed listing (unsold) from ebay.


    Thanks so much for everyone's help.
  2. It's the Perfect Day tote.
  3. Thanks so much! That is what I saw it called in the other listings, but they were really bad fakes so I didn't want to trust anything I read in the listing period! KWIM? I am really sad about selling her but I also have the Melrose flap bag so it's not like I will be totally Chanel-less so soon after I just got started! :crybaby:This nasty divorce is totally killing my bag collection! Oh well, its just an excuse to make it bigger and better when I start to replace what I had to sell right?