I really need help please!!!!!

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  1. Guys, I am turning 20 soon, and thinking to get a Hermes birkin for my birthday present. I am wanting to get a Hermes Birkin 35 in fuschia ostrich, will this be too much for a 20yr old gal to carry? or i should get something in pink shade but with togo leather? I got the blue jean, ciel, black, and orange, varies between 30 and 35, I want something pink this year, but I can't decide!! When I was carrying a birkin 30 in togo leather, I got a lot of attention which includes compliments but also some were asking about the issue of authenticity, which I was quite mad about!! I am not sure if the ostrich will attract more sort of those questions =( It is a hard decision for me!!!
  2. I believe a 35 cm fuchsia ostrich will have to be SO, if possible. Perhaps you can try for a 30 cm fuchsia ostrich--such a lovely, fun, and timeless combo! As to attracting attention, what does it matter, as long as YOU love it. Good luck with your decision!
  3. IMO, if attracting attention, good or bad, is an issue, a big bright pink ostrich birkin shouldn't even be on your radar. It will attract both kinds of attention better than probably any other thing you could pick.
  4. Whenever anyone asks me if my jewelry or handbags are real, I give 'em my brightest smile and say "Everything I have is real." I say get what you want now and have some quick comebacks to ignorant comments at the ready.
  5. I will go for ostrich fuschia..And for size it depends on your height..If you are above 5,5foot,35cm will be fine..
  6. I really think Birkins attract attention only with those in 'the know'. I can use a birkin anywhere around the little country town where I live and I am pretty sure 99.9 % have no clue what bag it is. My ostrich does attract more attention, but that is because it is violet and people are drawn to the colour and the different look of the ostrich leather.

    Go for what your heart desires, after all, it is for you ... and if you/family can afford it, then why not. Enjoy the decision of which one to get..... and yes I would go for the pink ostrich.
  7. I don't think H is doing 35 ostriches anymore. Anything pink is via SO only at the moment, even for togo leather. Unless you are willing to wait for next season's Rose Tyrien which is a bright pink.
  8. I'm 26 darling and anyone who asks is not in any way a well educated person on Hermes Hermes is and for ever will be a brand that is classic and timeless I have a fuchsia 35cm with ghw birkin and it is divine simply perfect I have had it for 2 years that means that I have had the bag since I was 24and I just love the fat thatim fortunate enough to be so young and have this in my collection my dear if you can SO this bag go for it from one person in her20s to the other you deserve it ! ,and think about it I have a familly frien who is 68 and has a 30cm pink ostrich and she has said I love that we can both have this bag it looks just as young as it does mature.
  9. I am 168cm in heights!! so I think 35 will be a good size for me. I got a friend bought a fuschia ostrich birkin in 35 from the rue la la website and she is going to sell it to me in brand new condition! But I am still not sure whether she is believable or not, if anyone does not mind, I would like to know more about whether Rue La La does have a range of birkins for sale!

    And, to pyrexia, thanks for the colour recommendation, they are gorgeous, I don't mind collecting 2 shades of pink =) If.... I got the extra money!!
  10. I can't comment on the site but I strongly recommend that you have the bag authenticated first before you buy. You can have it authenticated in the authenticate this Hermès bag thread.
    I'm not saying your friend's Birkin is a fake but you don't want to know how many people bought a Birkin from a 'friend' or family member and later they discovered they bought a fake.
    So, in my opinion, I would definitely have the bag authenticated first, better save than sorry ;).
  11. Well, you're not yet 20 and you already have 4 Birkins, so clearly "too much" is not really an issue for you. Get what you love and enjoy your bags!
  12. I have seen Hermès on Rue LaLa but it has always been pre-owned and/or vintage .. not new. Makes me wonder if your friend really got it there or maybe it's a fake from someplace else.