I really need help on this one

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  1. I have a question for the experts:graucho:

    I love Louis more than any other bag. It gets so hard for me though because my SO and I are young (22 & 26) with a 1-year-old. He encourages me buying but I just feel really guilty about the price.

    My thought is this.

    I get bored with my bags really easily and always want a different one. Is it realistic to think that I can buy a bag...use it for awhile...and then sell it off for close to the price I bought it for????

    This way I can enjoy every bag that I want and be able to keep trading in.

    is this realistic??? and PLEASE be totally honest
  2. Hey, if you are up for the headache that can come about from secondhand selling LV then I say go for it. I personally would never want to deal with the hassles and besides I hate to part with anything that was once mine! The issues I see with it is that eBay is very unpredictable in terms of getting the price you want, and you might also be in LOVE with a style that doesn't have a high demand in the used market. Ebay buyers can also scam you too! They can switch your bag with a fake, don't go through with their auctions, ask for returns, etc.
    Also you are going to be losing out money with each time you trade over, unless the bag is limited or in very high demand. A lot of times I see resale LVs that are brand new but sell for 20% less than retail. This is just like how cars lose their value once they are taken off the dealership lot I guess. So in effect it seems like you are "leasing" bags and in that case you will lose money in the long run. If I were you, I would just super hard try to save money and be able to keep bags that I really LOVE in my collection permanently.
  3. it depends on how long you plan on keeping the bag if it is less than a year old you could sell it close to retail price

    if you are planning to sell your bags then:

    keep all of the packaging (box shopping bag etc)
    the reciept
    anything else it comes with

    i feel if you ofter those things when selling it will sell better
  4. I think it's realistic since LV holds its value pretty well, but you have to keep in mind about the style of the bag and the condition it's in. Discontinued monogram bags (like the jeune fille) don't always garner the most bids, esp. since these bags are pretty worn from many years of use. Also, a cheap but poor condition bag will not have a high resale value (I learned this the hard way). Unless you can have the bag fixed (which can be pretty price but can significantly increase the bag's value) and you're confident you'll gain most of your money back, it's not really worth getting a really "loved" bag.

    I recommend trying to get a bag off ebay! A lot of people have saved hundreds on bags that were gently used or in like-new condition...and when you get bored, you'll be able to sell it well. Be sure to keep documents like receipts and make sure you use the bag gently.

    Although the boutique is a great experience, if you don't plan on keeping your bag, it might not be worth buying (because I think you'll lose more than you bargained for).
  5. I don't see why not. But you have to be able to get a great deal in the first place, and it's easiest if it's a popular style in very good condition. I haven't seen terrific deals on ebay. I would suggest you learn how to authenticate LVs (pick a few styles to start with) and check out consignment stores.

    I have a mini Ellipse in like new condition that was purchased for around US$180, and an 8-year old Pont Neuf that in is excellent condition for around US$340. You will have to be patient, and be open to a wider range of styles, and take time to correctly authenticate the bags. There are a lot of fakes out there, and a lot of unscrupulous sellers.

    That's how a lot of LV sellers on ebay make their money. Purchase low-ish, sell higher.
  6. thanks for the quick responses! Another question though :shame:

    I really don't like the idea of auctions since who knows what you'll end up getting for the bag. I suppose there is always BIN. But are there other places online to sell your bags? I know mypoupette has auctions too so that MIGHT be better?????

    wow, ANOTHER question comes up...do you think that if I wanted to sell the bags I had now, that it might be a good idea to sell as a lot? I would think that people would like to get a good deal on many bags.

    I don't know...the ideas just keep coming to me!:confused1:

  7. sadly I live in Faribault MN...I am the only LV owner round these here parts :smile: It's not an option to go to any consignment shops:crybaby: it's all mypoupette sellers and eluxury for me.

    I wish there was a set price that used bags go for. That way I would know if I was getting a good deal or being ripped off.

    LV LOVE is nt lying..this would be quite a hassle if I tried to make this something other than a hobby!
  8. Hmm.. the only thing with selling it as a lot would be.. say you have 5 bags and I only like 2 of them. I probably won't want to buy a lot of bags that I won't use.. get what I mean?

    Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck! :heart:
  9. Well I have sold some LVs that just didn't really really click with me after having them for a while. Sometimes I made a better deal, especially if the item was originally bought used, and I haven't sold a new one before. :rolleyes:
    But I guess you would have to take a 10 to 50 percent loss, depending on the style. From time to time you would have to invest some percentage of cash again into your bag rotation if you don't want to "downsize" :shrugs:

    So basically you can do it IMO but you will have to deal with the selling part which can be tiresome, as LV Love said :upsidedown:
  10. I guess the only thing I can really do is try right?

    I'm getting pumped thinking about it though! isn't it everyone's dream to make a living being a successful mypoupette reseller:love:

    I do have my 3 bags to try with...if I can handle the period of time that I wouldn't have ANY bags!:wtf: