I really need help deciding!!!

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  1. I need to choose between the Coach Turnlock Borough bag in Red Currant, or the Coach Borough Bag in Retro Glove Tan Leather in Vermillion. I won't be able to see them in person.
    Can anyone tell me what they feel would be the better choice? I think the size of each is considered medium. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. The vermillion is retro-glove leather, so it's a bit more prone to scratches and wrinkles. Personally I would go for the red currant, but it's your call; good luck deciding! :smile:
  3. I know what you mean; I was wavering on this last week when they had the outlet sale online. I would recommend the turn lock one because it has the pebbled leather which is less delicate and less likely to scratch than the retro glove tanned one. The gold turn locks are a nice detail that adds a touch of class. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for your help. I can't see these bags in person. How woul you guys describe the vermillion color vs. the red currant?
  5. The vermillion is a little more of a tomato red in my opinion while the cranberry is a little more like a strawberry color and a little darker with less of an orange tint. That's how I would describe the difference.
  6. Both colors are lovely. However I personally don't like the 3 zippers in the original Boroughs, over complicates things with 5 sections (vs. 3 in the Turnlock). Can you order both and return one? Hope you find one you love :yes:
  7. Personally I can't deal with all the zippers in the original Borough. It is also very heavy. I haven't seen the turnlock in person but that would be my preference. Both colors are nice. The red currant might go with more since it doesn't have as much orange in it.
  8. I have the Borough in currant and briefly had the one in vermillion. I prefer the one in currant for two reasons: I'll take pebbled leather over the glove tan leather any day. I don't baby my bags. Also the vermillion is a bright (lighter) red with a coral undertone, the currant is a rich deeper red. HTH!
  9. Thanks for your help everyone. It really sounds like the Turnlock would be
    The better choice;)
  10. Yes, the red currant is a truer red than the vermillion. Just saw it in the store today-it's really nice!
  11. :smile::smile:My glove tanned scratches very easily. I also really like the fewer zippers and the red on the new turn lock!