i really need a good shoulder bag

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I really need your advice, i want a new bag and was really set on a black mc speedy but i have two small kids and i already have a hand held ( mono elipse pm) i want something more comfortable that will leave me hands free. i am 28 years old 5'5 and slim, i want something that is still "young" what do you suggest? please help! thanks in advance to all of you:smile:
  2. How about the tivoli, palermo, or trevi?
  3. I agree with wasabi. Those are all very good looking handbags. I have the Tivoli GM which can go on your shoulder plus its large so its fits everything. Im really enjoying it and alot of people tell me how much they like it too!
  4. I just got the Hampstead MM and LOVE it!
  5. Agree!!
  6. popincourt haut, mezzo, tivoli...
    if you like MC, then aurelia:tup:
  7. I agree 3 great looking bags:tup:
  8. I have the Palermo and I luv it! Great shoulder bag imo..:upsidedown:
  9. Bh!
  10. I've been looking for a great LV shoulder bag, and I keep thinking about the Tivoli.

    It's so beautiful!
  11. How about the Tivoli? Or if you want to go a little lower in price, the cabas piano?
  12. noe or petite noe?
  13. I second a petit noe. Or how about saleya mm?
  14. If you want a Multicolore shoulder bag, the Aurelia is a good roomy shoulder bag...you have alot more choices with Monogram....
  15. BH (my favorite), Saleya, or Tivoli GM