I really love this forum...r/o

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  1. This is my little heaven and everyone here is soooo darn nice&helpful, unlike the shopping forum, people are ruthless&rude on there:smile:
  2. Glad to hear! Hope everyone stays nice!!
  3. I agree, this forum rocks :biggrin: Hope this rude people don't find their way here though, I've seen a lot of e-drama on other forums because of them.
  4. What is the shopping forums?
  5. This is the first forum I have ever been a part of. It has been great fun so far. It feels kinda like an extended family. Love discussing all the bags we love to adore and love to hate!! :lol:
  6. Send all your friends this way! This should be a welcoming place for everyone :smile:
  7. I truely agree! :smile:
  8. You all will never guess what!!! My cousin dared me to get on a paintball forum sight and I know nothin about paintball!!! I got banned!!! Lol!!! :P
  9. I didn't know you can get banned by not knowing anything about a certain topic???

    Hmmm...well...Now I do. :smile:

    Maybe you didn't sound that excited about "paintballs". LOL
  10. There's a paintball forum?
  11. I was really stupid to do it!!!LOL!!! :embarasse I posted threads called cows r0ock and monkeys are cool cuz I did not know anything else to put!!! :P :nuts: To tell you the truth I did it just to make them mad!!!LOL!!!
  12. My youngest brother is huge into paintball- you wouldn't beleive everything that goes into that sport. Between money for the gun and all it's part and gears- it is it's own little niche!
  13. There is forums dedicated to just about every topic imaginable. Some are amazingly huge, too. The biggest board online is dedicated to a japanese online multiplayer game, with dozens of milliions of posts. :huh:
  14. I am loving it
  15. If you tried hard enough you'd be surprised to see really freaky & weird websites/forums. I think you know what I mean. ;)