I really love my new Legacy keyfob!

  1. Since this PCE event has seemed to go on forever, I decided I had to stop buying bags and check out some other Coach offerings. So I bought my first keyfob: the red Legacy satchel. The detailing on this thing is excellent, right down to the buckles and center clasp. I think this is made of steel, so it is weighty and appropriate for a Legacy satchel. I even enjoyed taking pictures of this.

    I had seen this keyfob earlier this year at a Coach store, and didn't get it but remembered it when I was thinking about PCE purchases. I wasn't sure I was going to get it this time either because there were only 2 left in the red but it arrived in the mail today. There were plenty available in the white color. I really wanted the red because I would love to see a Legacy bag in a red shade (or even any other red leather Coach bags and accessories). Now I think it will look quite nice on my new Legacy shoulder. :yes:




  2. Ohhhh I wanted this keyfob for the longest time, but waited too long and then they were gone from the site! It's gorgeous!!
  3. Very cute! YAY for Legacy!
  4. Too cute!!
  5. Never seen those before but there isn't a coach store close! How cute is that keyfob!! Oh I so don't need another but very cute!!
  6. I love it! congrats!
  7. I love this keyfob! So pretty!
  8. That keyfob is so pretty! I've never seen that one before either. I agree, that would be nice if Coach made a red legacy bag. Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. What a cute keyfob!
  10. So cute!
  11. It's gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  12. Love it.. what's the item# for it and price? thanks!
  13. It is sooo cute!! The detail is amazing!
  14. Thanks everyone! This has been the most affordable Legacy purchase I've made recently. :lol:

    finzup and anybody else interested in ordering this, it is item number 92065 and it's called the "3D Legacy satchel keyfob". It's $48, but if you order it through a Coach store, you'll still be able to get the PCE discount. Only white satchels will probably be available and I haven't seen those, but I'm sure the detail will still be amazing and they'll look great too.
  15. That's really pretty! You're right--if Coach makes anything this fall in a dark red or crimson leather for legacy, I'll be donating blood, selling my husband's golf clubs, whatever to stock up!