I really love my Hayden Harnett...

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  1. Triple Strap Hudson Satchel! I bought it from My Favorite Things New York, and I just received it! It is wonderfully yummy!

    It took me 5 tries (long story) but I finally got one that I am totally loving!

    This is a great bag, it has gorgeous details like braided handles, soft and wrinkly leather, a front pocket for some goodies, and the interior is a soft cotton.

  2. I really really really want one in the smoke blue. :girlsigh:
    Yours is lovely. Oh some day you will post action pics, right?
    I will take a far away shot in a low lit mirror even :p
  3. I have one in Smoke Blue - I LOVE it!!! such a great color and a great bag.

    My only complaint is that the rings sometimes don;t fall quite right becuase they are glued in place but apparently on warm days if you wiggle them they will loosen up. I am going to try that when it warms up.
  4. Congrats! Is that cocoa or some new color?
  5. I love it!!! Congrats!
  6. lovely! glad to see you back on an HH kick!! i am contemplating that bag in Persian Rose! hoping it comes up in the sample sale next week!!
  7. I have that exact bag in Persian Rose...isn't it fabulous?!

    I love Hayden Harnett too, the quality is amazing.

    Enjoy your new find!