I really like this bag (pic) - is this still available? Any info on it?

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  1. Hi ladies & gents, I'm completely new on the prada-scene, but I just :heart: this bag in camel: eBay: Prada Handbag Camel VIT Daino Life Leather Tote Bag (item 160065849422 end time Dec-26-06 15:00:00 PST)
    Frankly I've no idea what's it officially called, but this color is TDF! I might have an opportunity to buy one in brown, but I like this camel color better
    Is this still available somewhere? What do you think about this bag? I would use it as a work and laptop bag. Thank you!
  2. ^I have this bag in another color..mine isnt big enough for a laptop though.Its a great bag but NOT for work.
  3. Hmm, Jill, why not for work? Too casual?
  4. Heads up on the eBay one you posted above: it's fake. That particular style runs rampant in the faked version on eBay. There is a real Prada (like Jill's) that is identical to this style. I think you can still get a real one at NM or BG, maybe even Saks. I wouldn't bother with eBay on this particular bag.
  5. i love the leather on this style... and also the long handles makes it confy and mature looks.
  6. Thank you Prada Psycho, I know my LVs but not yet Prada! I'm still wondering why I shouldn't use this as a work bag, especially since my laptop will fit in there. I think it looks quite serious and stylish, or is it just me?
  7. I don't know any reason that you couldn't/shouldn't use this as a work bag. It's simple, classic, lots of storage and not fussy at all.

    It's certainly not an evening bag. ;)
  8. ^it doesnt fit my laptop....I dont see any laptop fitting well in mine..as the side clips on the bag get in the way....IRL,this bag is pretty casual.....I personally like a more professional looking bag for work.That of course depends on where you work,how dressy you dress...etc......
  9. ^ i promise you a flybook would fit in it .... LOL