I really like purseblog

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  1. I signed up over a year ago, but did not visit this forum too much because there wasn't too much activity back then. I recently visited again and am happy to see how much it has grown. I like how there are forums for different brands and an off-topic forum too. This site is well organized and easy to search. I would like to thank all the active members and the moderators for making this such a great forum :smile:

    PS: Expect to see me posting a lot more now.
  2. Well, we are so happy to have you ! and we look forward to your post's. :heart:
  3. Welcome!! I love it here, too! It's like my home away from home at home. If that makes any sense. I love how it's easy to navigate also, I have tried to read other forums, but I just feel lost, so I decided it's better to stick to what I know best.
    We look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Lovely, glad you like all the growth and changes!! Look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  5. yay welcome back, i joined at the very very end of febuary and i'm in DEEP doo as far as my collection has grown... in such a short time! you'll love what they've done to this place! i :heart: TPF!
  6. Welcome back. I joined last August and it amazes me every day to see how much this place has grown! I need to be on here for at least an hour a day just to stay up-to-date! (Not that I'm complaining about that... in fact, it totally justifies my addiction!)