I Really Like How J. Lo's Hair & Make up Here !

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  1. I really like her hair and makeup, I'm not to keen on the dress though !

    What do you think ?


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  2. I'm not sure if the super red lips go.. but the hair, awesome !
  3. I always love Jen's makeup. I wish Scott Barnes would come out with a book
  4. I love her makeup!! Her lips look more coral red...GREAT with the hair color!!! (thats my hair color these days...and I love that color) now if I could just look like her. Not sure about the dress.
  5. I like her hair.
  6. love her hair & make up, not dress
  7. Beautiful glowy makeup, but I don't like the droopy hair nor the beaded dress.
  8. i hate the dress
  9. I think that Jennifer Lopez's make-up is always flawless, it's perfection! She's probably the most beautiful girl in the world. That dress though...yuck.
  10. I'm not sure about thayt orange red lips. Although the rest of her make-up and her hair is great as always.
  11. jlo=hot
  12. ITA, hair looks too flat.
  13. Love it!:yes:
  14. She looks stunning here!!!! I even kinda like the dress :shame:
  15. She looks beautiful!