I really hate this...

  1. Okay, i am probably the most indecisive person I know. I absolutely can not decide on wallet. It needs to have at least 8-12 cc slots and hopefully room for a passport. PLEASE help!
  2. Damier Brazza holds 12 cc pluz 2 extra half slots, not sure if it can hold ur pass port...what about Eugine?
  3. zippy organizer?
  4. How about a zippy organizer? It has 12 cc slots and holds a passport.

    Louis Vuitton's Zippy Organizer is a remarkable all-in-one accessory in the classic Monogram canvas, featuring a very large capacity and much functionality. Perfect for everyday use or for travel, the fine exterior unzips to twelve credit card slots, a zipped coin pocket, a flat bill pocket, and more.

    Twelve credit card slots
    Zipped pocket for coins
    Flat pocket for bills
    Two large gusseted compartments for papers and passport
    Checkbook or plane ticket holder
    Pen holder fits LV agenda pen
    LV signature etched at lower right-hand corner
    8.2" L x 4.5" H x 0.8" W



  5. my mom has that and she can put her checkbook/passport, alotta CC'S, cash, and change, recipets, and even has a pen holder
  6. oh totally forgot about zippy, that'd be great as it secures all the contents by zipper!
  7. I say buy a PTI and a passport holder. There are many times when traveling internationally that you have to hand over your passport and would you really want to give the whole wallet?
  8. i suggest the damier brazza or the zippy wallets or organizer from the various lines. there's bound to be a zippy right for you. :biggrin:
  9. the zippy organizer is perfect! now what line?
  10. The Azur zippy organizer is very pretty. It holds A LOT!!
  11. Second that !
  12. All of your suggestions have been wonderful, but i have decided on the LV CUP Zippy Organizer... i cant believe i decided
  13. Yeah, well until you actually have it home, I can't believe you decided either LOL- show us pics when you get it.
    Have fun shopping!:smile:
  14. ^ LOL! happy shopping!
  15. THE PERFECT WALLET FOR YOU: Red Monogram Groom Pochette.