I really hate how prevelant fake LVs have become.

  1. I do own and carry my bags because *I* love them, but it still is just so frusterating to see people walking down the street with blatantly fake bags. I hate the assumptions that if Im carrying an LV it must be fake, or if it's real, it isn't because I appreciate the bag and the (timeless) history of the brand but because I want people to know what I am carrying. The hate for LV on other message boards astounds me!

    Does anyone else ever feel this way? I always kind of feel like you're "damned if you do and damned if you don't" if that makes sense.
  2. Don't worry. Just be proud you are carrying the real thing and that it looks great!
  3. Yeah I agree..I hate fakes because most people my age just see a logo on some celebrity and want to plaster themselves with it. They don't care about the history of the company or the quality of the authentic bags, etc.
    But really, I don't let that bother me like I used to. I enjoy my bags and won't let anyone else ruin that for me.
  4. Are there "hate for LV" on the other message boards? Who could hate LV?????:confused1:

    Anyway, I also hate that there are so many fake LVs out there, too. All we can do is just be glad that we have the real thing and be proud of wearing the real deal.
  5. I've actually even noticed it around here on other boards. People have this idea that people couldn't possibly like it for the quality, only the name and logo.
  6. I actually see it all the time. I belong to another site where they have a fashion and beauty board and people generally really don't like it there!
  7. Sometimes I think people like to "hate" because they think it will make them seem "too cool to care". Why expend so much energy on something you hate?
  8. Yup, especially on Craigslist beauty & fashion board. You have to remember that we live in San Francisco, a city in which its residents like to pride themselves on originality and anti-materialism (which is so counter to the fact that one has to make more than a decent living in order to live here because the cost of living is so damn high.) To many people in SF, LV smacks of overt materialism, and because of the prevalence of fakes, unoriginality. While I dislike the numerous fakes that I see on the street, I don't let the fact that many people assume that my bag is fake as well bother me. I also gravitate towards the limited edition and lesser known bags, which funnily enough, people also think are fake because they don't look like the typical LVs they see on the street. What's great about getting older is that you stop giving a rat's arse about what other people think !
  9. Yeah, A lot of times I get "Why do you like Louis Vuitton (the people saying this usually pronounce it Louis not Loui :rolleyes:) it's so ghetto"
    and I just smile and say
    "Real Louis Vuitton is a luxury item, nasty fakes are ghetto"
  10. Funny -- I was in LV in Union Square today and totally felt the that way when I walked out the store with my bag. However, in SF the same folks who shun LV will buy a $400 of Evisu jeans and rip them up to make them looks "old".

    I stopped caring and rock whatever I want -- its one of the few pleasures I get as a gay man -- short of wearing a tutu, I can wear whatever I want in SF and not have people blink an eye...hell I have had folks come up and ask me to help them put together a look :supacool:
  11. I don't see many fakes here around Portland and when I do, boy are the terrible! Suprisingly I've only seen one other mono speedy here around campus, and that is supposed to be one of the most popular bags!

  12. Exactly! I have taken to telling people that I bought my LV bags from consignment boutiques so I don't have to deal with crap, but it seems so hypocritical to me that it is okay for me to pay $500 for a bag at a consignment shop, but not okay for me to buy directly from the LV boutique.

    If you have people approaching you about putting a look together, you should take advantage of the situation and charge $$$$$$!!! Do I hear a new profession calling? :graucho:
  13. i don't really care about fakes or them on other people...i only care about my bags that they are real and they make me super happy :smile:
  14. I second that!!! When your LV is real, then that's all the confidence you need because you know it's the real deal (plus your SA can prove it!!!) :smile:

    I hate see fake LVs and can spot them a mile away!!! I'm always commenting to my DH when I see a fake! Even he can spot a fake as well! (I have my DH well trained in LV!) :yes:
  15. I also agree with you!!! (But I still hate seeing fakes!)