I really hate ebay. :(

  1. :wtf: I lost again :cursing: . . . within a few dollars too... in the last seconds. Damn swoop and snatch in the last few minutes. That just makes me wanna scream. But if I was smarter lol I guess I would do it too. I guess I'm learning. I'm just so mad... you know.. you want something so bad?!

    :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Well DH says thats $650 I can keep in my pocket lol.
  2. I hate that, too, eBay is cut-throat. Sorry, hopefully someone else will list a bag like the one you lost.
  3. I'm becoming a huge BIN fan. Especially if its something I really really want.
  4. im sorry u didnt win the auction? what were u trying to get?:smile:
  5. Why don't you use auctionsniper?
  6. ditto open an auctionsniper account and put in your max
    thats what the other buyer probarly did
  7. I think this has been discussed dozens of times. Serious bidders use auction snipers. If you don't, you are likely to lose to one of them.
  8. I would adore a BIN price.. cause I thought I had put in a high amount. I didnt think it would get over $550, and when it did, I bid up to $651 (via cell phone while at dinner).... and was still outbid. :sad: I would have gone to $700 if I had even thought it would go up this high, but my DH says its not worth it. But it was too late, and I was on my cell phone's internet which is not so fast.

  9. ohh yea I was using eBay's proxy bidding... is that like the auctionsniper?
  10. No. Auction sniper makes your bid for you even if you're not logged into the computer. It places the "snipe" bid 5-10 seconds before the auction ends so that other people are unlikely to be able to outbid you (unless they have sniped for higher or have a higher proxy bid.

    The advantage I have from sniping is that, unlike a proper early eBay bid, you can cancel a pending snipe before it happens if you change your mind. Which I do. Often. I actually use BidNip.
  11. I've used AuctionSniper many times with great success. That way I don't have to be glued to a computer to make a bid on an item that I want. AuctionSniper charges a small fee. There's another service called Bidding Scheduler that's free.
  12. woooooow!!:nuts:

    This is great info... how did I never know about this? According to my paypal acct i've been a member for 5 years and 7 months... how did I never know about something like this? Thank you so very much! I'm going to run and sign up NOW! :yahoo:
  13. The auction sniper services are outside of paypal and ebay. I use justsnipe.com. Free service and very reliable.
  14. Learn something new every day. :smile:

    Thanks for the info!!!
  15. i use esnipe.com!

    it's very helpful, esp when you're going to be away from the computer when the auction ends.