I REALLY found the ugliest MC speedy!

  1. Disgusting!
  2. Yup.
    Pretty damn ugly!!
  3. Oh my God...I couldn't even believe it when I saw the pics...my jaw completely dropped! :yucky: And to think they sell it for $1,000....????!??! That kills me! :shocked:
  4. :sick: :yucky:
  5. eww =X
  6. :blink: Love the "patina" on that baby :roflmfao: And where do they get these crazy "date codes"?
  7. hehhee bad....but not as bad as some of the bags that PF's have foudn~
  8. Oh my god, that's horrible! And it has the same "patina" as a fake keepall I saw on the train yesterday (while travelling with my real keepall - I gave it a hug:P). I feel sorry for whoever ends up buying that thing..
  9. LOL That old west font for Louis Vuitton is so classy.
  10. omg i love it! i def. need one of those in my closet!

    are yall sure that one isnt real?!?
  11. lol. GROSS! That has to be the worst font I've EVER seen.
  12. I'll have to bid on that one:lol: :lol: :lol: .

  13. Wow! How authentic looking!
  14. That is ugly.