I really don't know.

  1. I have been definately going under some stress lately and I honestly hate it.

    I don't think its depression just an excess case of stress and overwhelment.

    I'm graduating this semester hopefully from a community college (saving my mom money with tuition) My sister just married a few mos. ago so my mom is able to save up some more money now. My mom has a spending issue and lending money. Lately she's been lending a family relative mounts of money cause she's a "broke, single mother", whatever. I sympathize, but then again where did being broke occur out of nowhere? She's been a single mother for over 4yrs.

    My mom also purchased me a farely new/used car; really good deal. But with the amt she was paying for my old car insurance, she can pay my monthly car bill and current insurance bill. -Although I have grown to regret getting a new car, it being selfish of me.

    I will soon be a student at a 4yr institute, where its the cheapest to better help my mom pay. Even then I will have to pay half of the tuition because she can't.

    My mom owes me money..

    I get really sad/hurt/upset that she lends my godmother money but meanwhile she's living a lower class lifestyle when they both (my parents) make a farely good amount of money yearly.

    I recently received $1500 (in my moms name) from freedesignerhandbag.com since I had the option of receiving the bag or the check. I personally would prefer the money so I can get my mom a nice Bday gift and save the rest (whatever is left from the downpayment) I put down on my car. I informed my mom on this and now she's trying to convince me to give her the money, by asking " do you really need it?" "what do you need it for" etc.

    I have about lost my mind, I have too much going on with my life. Not to mention having a so-ok job that has no friggen benefits and am constantly bossed around. I really think I'm about to break down- the only really great thing in my life right now is my boyfriend keeping my positiveness and goodwill.

    My mom is not a bad mom and I just want to have a "mom" around for me, not for any money i've ever worked for.

    I honestly HATE money and what it does to people.
  2. Oh, sweetie, I feel for you! It sounds like of the 2 of you, you are more mature in some ways than your mom. I know you love her, but it's disappointing and sad for you to see her giving more than she can afford to to others while she and you are struggling. I like your plan for the $1500. Please keep at least some of it for your own expenses--it doesn't belong to godmother or others--but a nice gift for your mom or some help with her bills(or some of both, along with some for you) sounds like a good idea.

    With everything that you are accomplishing right now, the stress is high. But this will pass and get better! In the meantime, be proud of yourself and give yourself credit for being such a mature and loving 20 year-old!

    And also, try to find time for exercise, some quiet time each day (prob. sounds impossible with your schedule), a cup of tea, etc.--all good stress-relievers.
  3. Money is bad. Trust me, LOL. I've lent a friend some money before and she always pays me back. Right now, I kinda need it but she still doesn't have it all together for me. I know she'll pay me back but just not when I need it. Le sigh.
  4. I would do what you have planned with the money. It sounds a lot more sensible than giving it away. Your godmother really needs to learn how to support hersef and her daughter. There are a lot of programs for single mothers, maybe she should look into them.