I really don't know what to get..

  1. Okay so I have a budget of $2500 and I want to either get a Prad bag or Chanel. However I have been wanting a chanel for a while now and just cant decide. It would have to be a shoulder bag as my 2 year old daughter is a handful in itself.

    I love the look of the cambon with patent C's and its a great price.

    I love the hidden chain hobo as well as rock n chain flap...

    This would be a black bag as the prada that I want would be brown.

    Do you have any suggestions for me?

  2. I would recommend a classic 2.55 flap bag in black caviar or lambskin :smile: I love the classic look but there are so many gorgeous Chanel bags out there. Also, you could try looking through the Chanel Reference Library - they have pictures and prices posted up there of lots and lots of Chanel bags ;) Try sorting through there to find a bag that catches your fancy. Good luck
  3. Since you daughter is a handful - and what a cutie by the way :heart: - I think it's best if you're getting a tote.
    The flap will probably be too inconvenient for you, so maybe the PST/GST or the new expandable tote which comes in black also, or the Cotton Club tote.

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. I would get a chanel tote in a Hardwearing leather like GST or maybe something in calfskin or a baby cabas. If you don't want something too big then maybe a Caviar Jumbo flap. IMO Prada bags would date far more quickly than Chanel so for longevity go for Chanel.
  5. ITA with above replies...
    I have a little one myself, and a tote works best for me. It got a lot more use than any other purse.