I really dont know what else to tell someone about authenticity except

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  1. purse and auction was authenticated by Caroldiva, come to this site and post links to the auction and get opinions from all of you ,and finally please dont bid if you dont feel totally comfortable. How else can I guarantee authenticity ,I bought it myself in the store a few years ago. But someone as nervous as the person with all the questions makes me nervous
  2. If you already told her all that and she still doesn't believe you, put her on your blocked list and sell to someone else.
  3. Yeah, I had a lady once that wanted to buy one of my bags and she was nervous about it. I told her that I offered money back if the item was not authentic. I purchased the item from the LV store myself...and I told her to check my 100% positive feedback. But she kept sending me these messages like "ohh I don't doubt its real BUT..." so then finally I told her that if she didn't feel comfotable to simply not bid!
  4. Make sure you block the bidder if you tell her to not bid. Some people still bid after all the drama, and then the drama REALLY starts :sad:
  5. It's perfectly normal to question the authenticity of an item on e bay, especially when most of them are fakes. It looks to me like you've done all you can to cover all grounds to prove it's real. The problem is you can say it's real all you want but that doesn't mean it is. If you had her get it authenticated here and you have papers with caroldiva then there's not much else you can do to prove it. I would tell her if she is unsure then to get it at an actual boutique since that's the only way she can be sure to get the real deal.

    Remember, people are putting down hundreds of dollars for these bags. That may not seem like a lot to some but for some bidders that's a huge deal, that's a lot of hours working after school or whatever for that money. I'd be nervous too about bidding. If she keeps it up even after you suggest she just not bid then I would go ahead and block her. If she's iffy now she'll be that way after she gets it.
  6. Well worded and good advice:smile:
  7. Ahh, I fully agree, especially with that last part. It's best to simply nip this in the bud now, before any real trouble begins to brew. I can't blame this person for being cautious, but there's definitely a limit.
  8. Totally agree. Block her. There will be another buyer. Someone like this cannot be made happy. Life is to short to play games with people. There are lots of lovely buyers on eBay. You have done everything reasonable that you can. The bidder is out of line.
  9. Block her without question. There will be someone else to buy this bag and just accept the fact that this was a blessing in disguise not to have to deal with this kind of buyer who probably would be causing you alot of unpleasantness down the road.

    BE DONE WITH HER.. she is not the kind of buyer you want to be selling too