I REALLY didn't know that fuschia denim was discontinued!

  1. :wtf:?!

    When did this happen?

    authentic_lvlady has a fuschia denim mini Pleaty, and in the description it says this colour has been discontinued...OMG I really didn't know! Is the lichen discontinued too??? I hope they NEVER discontinue the blue because it's so basic and the mini Pleaty is on my wishlist, just not near the top of it.
  2. There are some Fuschia Baggy GMs on eluxury. I really want the Fuschia Denim Pleaty as well...some day. Oh, and yes, the lichen is dq'd too.

    Love your new avatar by the way!
  3. Sorry to say but Fuschia and Lichen where seasonal for S/S 06 but carried on longer they have been discontinued and it's a case of while stocks last.

    Pretty sure blue is here to stay but pleaty is being discontinued this year (but not mini pleaty)
  4. Yeah the green and fuchsia are discontinued. My SA said she got one of the last fuchsia Baggy's in stock not too long ago.
  5. yes:crybaby: it is discontinued, but I want a Lichen Mini Pleaty!!!
  6. I didn't know it was discountined. I'm glad I got one when I did.
  7. Ohhh I see, didn't know it was seasonal!
    I wasn't planning on getting anything in lichen/fuschia, really, but the colours ARE kind of cute.

    rileygirl: Thanks!
  8. I know im so sad! Im gonna have to get my baggy pm off eBay or let-trade!
  9. yup..it's verrry sad...guess we just gotta wait for them to come up on eBay or let-trade...
  10. Discontinued, I could never make up my mine on either color.
  11. yes, they are being discontinued(fuchsia and lichen..) too bad 4 us who love both colors :sad:
  12. fucshia denim looks really bad with patina, IMO. :yucky:
  13. I still love the fuschia though. I wish they didn't discontinue it. :sad:
  14. i saw a denim mini pleaty in fuschia at the milan station in causeway bay last week. so many people wanted to see it.