I really cant get a break!!!

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  1. I'm soo sad:crybaby: First, been calling around to find mysekf an aqua giant day - there seems to be none left... so I have come to accept that.

    When I finally decided to get a perwinkle giant day (Decided 1 hour after i have given up my search for the aqua) - no one seems to have it too:wtf: BALNY sold out :sad: and to be honest, i'm not bothered to look anywhere else... I just know i will either hear 'Sorry we sold out' OR 'We didnt order the DAy in Perwinkle'

    So sadddddd and :cursing: .... I guess I wasnt supposed to enjoy this collection... ohh welll c'est la vie!

    had to vent sorrry!:shrugs:
  2. Awww, don't give up! I called several places before I found my french blue giant day! You'll find her soon!
  3. i will try.. thanks for the encouragement sngo... but i dont think i'll find it.. its ok... i have come to terms with it lol
  4. What kind of determination is that? Buck up, little soldier! :flowers:
  5. I second that, You can't be a quitter, you're a BBAG SISTER!!! Good Luck!!
  6. I THIRD that! Keep an eye on eBay, call all the department stores and have them check in the system for stock around the country.
    You WILL find one..it may just be a matter of time:yes:
  7. I saw an absolutely gorgeous aqua giant day at Barneys Chestnut Hill (MA) today. I just called to put it on hold so if you're interested contact me for details.
  8. Omg!!!!! I just put a giant hobo on hold for you at Barney's in Boston at Copley Place!!! I didnn't remember if you wanted the aqua giant day or hobo but even though it is the hobo it's on hold. It was the last one left and it was gorgeous so if anyone wants it let me know.
  9. Mimi23-The SA Peter at Barney's in Chestnut Hill is really helpful and nice. I asked about a sandstone GH day and he found me one in Houston in one day. Maybe you could give him a call?

    Is BalNY definitely not receiving any new shipments of Days in the Spring07 colors?

    Mimi I really really hope you find a GH Day in aqua or periwinkle I think the day would bea knockout in those colors.
  10. Oh I'm sorry to hear that, it seems like everything from s/s is selling out, I spent all yesterday on the phone trying locate a french blue giant hobo for my sister, I called everywhere possible, not one left!! sold out:crybaby:
  11. I'm sorry, I made a mistake, the one at Chestnut Hill is a GH hobo, not a GH day. If you want the day, I hope you can find it at Boston.
  12. Well, don't be sad and give up hope like dat....it's the same feelin as me lookin out for my older bbags......i jus have to be patience and jus not think abt too much....that's how i deal with disappointment....:smile:
  13. Hang in there, and don't give up!

    I'm sure something will turn up, and work in ya favour if you keep looking :flowers:
  14. Eventually, someone will sell one on Ebay, don't give up yet!!
    And now you've got all us PFers on the lookout for you, too!!:search:
  15. hang in there dont give up! they have a few left in singapore! so there must be some others around somewhere!