I read something about ****** a while back, anybody use this?

  1. Just curious if anyone uses this, how it works, if they like it, is legit, etc....
  2. i use it :yes:. you sign up on ******, and you can go to sites like eLuxury and Neiman Marcus through it so that after your purchase, you get 3% cash back, which will eventually be sent to your Paypal account.
  3. Yes, it's totally legit. I use it, too. I use it on Elux, Sephora, Beauty.com, many places. They put it in your Paypal or you can get a check(at least they used to mail out checks, don't know if they still do. You can check out the website for details).
  4. so do you have to log into ****** everytime you go to make a purchase and shop through their site???? I tried to download the Moe Money Maker thing but I have a Mac and it wouldn't work on it....
  5. Oh, and how do they get your info to give you a check or credit a pay pal account, they only asked me for an email address....thanks
  6. i've been meaning to ask about this too. so it really works? and is it applicable to all purchases on those websites?
  7. You have to log in and acess Elux through their site in order to get the cash back. There is a place called My Account or account info, etc for you to put in your info. :heart:
  8. It's applicable to all purchases made on the websites that are featured on ******. They have Target, Elux, Sephora, Gloss, Beauty.com, Drugstore.com, etc....
  9. I love ******. I have been using them for a couple of years now and the savings really do add up! When you sign up, they ask for your address so they know where to send the check. When you shop on line, you just need to link to the website through ******....you will see a "tracking ticket" so you know that your discount is being processed.

    They are legitimate and you can get a check in the mail or money in your Paypal account. Check out drugstore.com ....they give you 5% back in addition to Paypal. Not a bad deal! If you give them my e-mail address of manhattanspeech@aol.com when you sign up, you will get $5.00 to start! Of course, it really adds up...well it can add up quickly ...with Eluxury!:yes:
  10. So how do you actually get this check or credit to pay pal, I don't see anything that tells me that...do they send you an email when you have a certain amount? I have to say I'm a little uncomfortable having another company track everything I buy on line.....but from what I read people seem to like it???

    They never asked me for my address when I signed up, I think my other questions are answered....
  11. Yes, you get a check, money in your paypal. It's legit. I was heistant at first, too, but I am soooo glad that I signed up esp with all the purchases I make. lol.

    There should be a place under your account to enter your info.

    And yes, like nypersonalshoppers said, you get $5 to start if someone refers you or if you refer someone. :yes: I'd be happy to give my e-mail addy if you haven't already been referred. lol.
  12. thanks everyone, I found were to edit my profile so I can get checks, wow this is fun!!
  13. I actually think they are running a special right now b/c they gave me $5 just for signing up already.....if I can put email addresses in for you guys that helped us I will cause I think you'll also get a credit.

    I wish I did this yesterday, I bought my agenda on elux yesterday....
  14. Great! I was so glad when I finally signed up. All the cash back really adds up!:heart:
  15. I use it when I remember to use it! I always seem to forget.