I read about something you can put on the zipper pulls

  1. etc that will redo the brass? can anyone help me out with the name?
  2. I think you're talking about Brasso..you just polish up the hardware with it.
  3. I use brasso with a q-tip and it makes them look brand new. Just be really careful it doesn't get on your bag.
  4. You mean the little rivet that attaches the leather to the zipper.
  5. ooh. i need that for mymini HL.
  6. I need more info.
  7. What if it's all peeled off? Does it still work?
  8. ^^nope, brasso just polishes tarnished brass, so if its peeled off theres nothing to polish..;)
  9. Darn that's what I was afraid of. I don't have any peeling yet but I see so many on eBay that have peeled bad that I am afraid! Does that happen often?
  10. It can if the bag has been abused, but as long as you take care of it, there shouldn't be any peeling.
    That Speedy my mom had from the early 90's has a bit of tarnishing, no peeling though. And that's after being used every day for about 6 years straight.
  11. can you have the zipper goldplated??
  12. thanks guys. going to brasso the button on my agenda, it has a little black beauty spot.
  13. Brasso is the best...
  14. I went to LV to ask about replacing the zipper for my Papillon 26 and it was only $50 something CAD. The SA said you can replace the pull only for about $26 CAD? It wasn't very expensive I remembered.