I reached my goal! 225 pounds lost! *pics*

  1. 22 months ago, I was 360 pounds. 22 months ago, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to be 135 pounds. I started Richard Simmons' FoodMover program, and I took control of my lifestyle. The last 22 months were some of the hardest of my entire life, but they were also the best. Today, I reached my goal of 135 pounds! There's nothing to describe the joy (and disbelief) I feel right now! It almost like I am dreaming, but I am not. It may seem like this is the end of my journey, but it's not. It the first day of a new beginning as a thinner, healthier person! :tup: I hope by sharing this with everyone here, I can inspire you to keep reaching for your own goals. They don't even have to weight-related. My weight loss motivated me to go back to school, where I maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Accomplishing one thing can lead to another! Anyway, before I start crying here, let's make with the piccies. I sure you're all dying to see those.

    This is me at the beginning of my journey. I had lost a couple of pounds when this pic was taken. This is the closest pic I have to my starting weight of 360. I basically look the same here as I did at 360.

    This is me now at 135 pounds! It doesn't even look like the same person. In fact, people who have known me for years don't even recognize me when they see me on the street. My driver's license has my "fat picture" on it, and I get weird looks when I hand it to people for ID purposes. Some people think I am trying to pass off someone else's ID as my own!


    I am also posting the URLs to my old weight loss threads. They show pics of me in different stages of my weight loss. You can see my "evolution"!

    http://forum.purseblog.com/health-and-fitness/plus-sized-no-more-before-after-pic-update-110343.html-This thread has pics on pages 1, 13, 19, and 21.

    http://forum.purseblog.com/health-and-fitness/1-year-150-pounds-my-before-after-pics-64822.html-This thread has pics on page 1.

    I like to thank everyone who PMed me with kind words and questions. I'd also like to thank everyone who replied to my threads with your well wishes and encouragement. It all really meant a lot to me. :crybaby: Good luck on your own goals!
  2. OMG you look so AMAZING! Contrats to you for all the hard work.
  3. i know we've said it a million times before, but you are really such an inspiration, whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 200. thank you SO MUCH for sharing your journey with us so candidly.
  4. omgod. you look beautiful, and thank you so much for sharing that with us!
  5. I am so glad you shared this with everyone! You really are an inspiration in so many different ways! I know you must be so very proud of yourself! You are gorgeous! Inside and out! Continue with your success, and thanks again for being a positive outlook for so many! God Bless!!!
  6. Keep up the good work, I'm elated for you!
  7. Congrats!!!!:yahoo::balloon::balloon:You are truly an inspiration. I can't even lose 10 damn pounds because I lack your dedication:hysteric:. I wish you much happiness in life.:heart:
  8. Congrats!! I have to say reading your weight lost thread encouraged me to start (yet again) my weight lost. You look wonderful!!:yahoo:Thanks for showing us that with a lot of hard work you can lose a lot of weight.:tup:
  9. You look stunning, Congragulations, what a good example of dedication and self control you are. Congrag yourself with a new bag!!
  10. You look AMAZING !!! Good for you ! hopefully this will inspire alot of people !!! congrats
  11. you look incredible! congratulations! :tup:
  12. You really look like a different person and it sounds like in many ways you are. Congratulations on your phenomenal accomplishment!
  13. What an achievement! Congrats!
    You are looking "hot"! Enjoy it.
  14. oh my god, CONGRATS! you look incredible!!!
  15. Congratulations! You're Such An Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!