I ran 2 miles!!

  1. Just a silly post to announce that I ran 2 miles today during my workout for the first time ever :yahoo:

    I'm in pretty decent shape but running has always been hard for me. Even back in college when I was in much better shape I rarely ran more than a mile before I'd give up and go back to the Stairmaster. But I set running a 5k (3.1 miles) as a summer fitness goal and I feel like I'm so much closer now!!

    My other summer fitness goals include losing 15 pounds (I've lost about 2, gotta work on the diet! I have gone down almost a size this since June, though, so I'm doing something right) and doing a pullup (I've never been able to do a pullup either). I still have a long way to go on those. But I'm closer to one goal than I ever thought I'd get!

    I hope everyone else's fitness goals are going well too :smile:
  2. :yahoo::party::drinks: (haha maybe the last one isn't good. My personal trainer yells at me all the time about how I should stop drinking!)

    Whoo hoo!!! Congrats!!! I know how you feel- in the beginning of the summer, I couldn't even go 2 minutes straight.. but now I can run for like 20 minutes! Doesn't it feel awesome? I hope you keep at it and reach your goal! I just saw pics of my friend running the SF marathon and it makes me want to set THAT as a goal.. hehe I'm not so sure about it but.. still! :roflmfao:

    Anyway- keep it up!!!!!!! YAY!!!
  3. CONGRATS!!!

    I ran track in high school I was an all state sprinter. But honest to God, I can not run more than a mile! I dont think I've ever ran a mile all the way through on the track or outdoors... only on a treadmil.
    When I go to the gym I force myself to get on the treadmil for a mile.. and then I'm off that thing in a heartbeat!
    So I really admire you! Keep it up! After you get after that first hump (which was half a mile for me haha) it gets easier!! Way to go :smile:
  4. :yahoo:Great job! I think I die after about a mile. I am so out of shape even though I try to exercise. So I congratulate you for doing it:wlae:
  5. Good job, girl! Keep it up! Woohooo! I love jogging. Not only good for my health but does wonders for my sanity. And my DH appreciates that too, lol!
  6. I have never been a runner. I think bad experiences and fear of a fatal asthma attack keep me from it. I am thinking about taking it up just to beat my fears and get in shape. Congrats! That is quite an accomplishment.
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: great job.

    i used to love running but not good for my knees.
  8. Thanks so much, ladies! I couldn't do it again today, I only made it a mile, but I'll be back at it tomorrow.
  9. Congrats! That's a great workout! Keep it up! I don't think I can run that much but I can walk a lot!
  10. Congrats...I have trouble running just one! LOL. Good luck reaching all your goals.
  11. Great job! I hurt my knee from running so I am being extra careful to run less and never any days in a row.
  12. That's awesome! I'm really happy for you, because I know how freakin hard running is!! Its possibly the hardest thing in the world. It's a great accomplishment!