I quit Luxury. selling all Chanel bags to get back to minimalist style. I feel overwhelming .

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  1. I think it is safe to say I am not boosting over consumerism, lol. It is possible one of my bags was purchased at a discount due to a stain (I am guessing that as it had a stain and a piece of protective wrapping still on hardware outside the bag!) but the bag is over 10 years old! The other more contemporary bag was sold by a woman who admitted she was told by her husband to downsize. Otherwise my purchases has been well used or sitting unused in a closet. Most need refurbishing.
    But I understand your point :smile:
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    You hit the nail on the head there my friend. And I am being very general here, very general, in that when we feel good about something, there are brain chemicals involved! So if seeking or purchasing bags creates a wonderful sensation, well, I as human being will do it again! And in my case, it doesn’t even involve luxury, it involves thrifting out vintage bags. But for some of us, like me, I actually need to keep upping the ante to get my *reward*.
    To desire less *stuff* I am continually and consciously cultivating a greater desire to appreciate and use what I already have, a greater desire to involve myself in non-consumer activities etc, you get my drift ;)
    And trust me it is a challenge. In middle age, I am coming into some long awaited lol earning power. Much to my surprise over the last 18 months I was able to negotiate a significant raise during the sale of my company to new owners. So my challenge is to figure out a monthly spending plan to allow me to pay off debt, save money, and enjoy today!
  3. I agree with this. I notice bags on YouTube and Instagram but I know that I can always browse TPF threads and find the nitty gritty on bags and whether or not they are worth it. I use TPF more for research since I don’t always feel that influencers can be trusted (and some bags I like don’t have very many reviews on YouTube, like Delvaux)
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  4. Totally!!!!!! I saw a Louis Vuitton Vanity PM that I saw on Insta and I was like “OMG..... I gotta have this” and after reading comments here and seeing the bag in person, I was totally underwhelmed. Influencers and instagram make everything look so glorious! I am more mindful now and after reading this thread I have been more mindful to tame my impulsiveness and think twice. When I feel the pull to look or pull the trigger, I stop and tell myself a hardcore no
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  5. I think Instagram is the worst for influencing me. And I agree, I use TPF more for research!
  6. Omg! Same here! Wanted to see a YouTube review around the delvaux bags but I can’t find that many, especially in English!
  7. Yeah, I feel like those people just look at what a bag is selling for on Fashionphile and assume it's what they'd get back. But, Fashionphile takes a big cut! And, even if you sell by yourself on eBay, Poshmark, etc., there are fees, shipping costs, insurance costs, and risks of buyer scams. There's no way you'd make a profit unless you held onto a bag for many, many years.
  8. Im a little late to this thread but just want to say good for you OP. You recognized how you were feeling and did something about it. Im in a situation myself, abit different but has to do with my collection. I no longer really like bags with logos on them. I havent sold them because I decided to wait to see how I feel but some bags I have not used in about a year. I do not like waste so I plan on getting rid of them. So far I have been purchasing bags that are not obvious as to branding to replace those that are.
  9. I feel the same way. I prefer subtle designer bags. In fact I appreciate good quality non-designer bags and moving more towards them. I am, however, a minimalist and would not like more than 10 bags and each one has to serve a function.
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  10. Just found this thread. I'm new to the forum but not to bags. I have 1 luxury bag...an vintage Gucci. I don't buy luxury brands for 1 main reason, I need a bag that if it falls down a flight of stairs and lands in mud, I won't cry or make myself sick at the expense. This happened to full grain Patricia Nash tote - it took the beating like a prize fighter and came back for more. Never be afraid to downsize your life doing what is best for your life. Others, especially the strangers on the internet have no bearing on your finances, struggles or your self worth.
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  11. Try vintage Coach. You can wash them!
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  12. I admire that you identify this, admit it to yourself, point it out to some of us who might be doing this, and really being introspective. I have so much chagrin for the many luxury things I have that I don’t use. Like some sad useless trinket in my home, some aren’t even on display! So much regret for them... I worry that sometimes it’s hard for me to know what exactly will I use and what exactly just sits on a shelf, in a cabinet wherever when I buy it. But I do acknowledge that the luxury items I use every day bring me so much happiness. Downsizing can bring a very liberating and satisfying feeling!
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    I agree with your friend that those experiences must be experienced once in a lifetime.

    Even though I own 4 Chanels, I've never stepped into the boutique. I got back from Europe in mid Feb, just a week before the covid situation escalated. It's my 2nd biggest regret not stepping into the Chanel boutique in Barcelona. That was the only city I felt the need to visit the boutiques (was in Madrid and Milan too). Unfortunately due to my race, I don't feel safe returning to Europe for a couple of years at least. I still intend to accomplish the 'Europe Chanel' milestone I set for myself.

    Cherish those memories. Someday you will look back and smile at them. I know my mother did and still does.

    As for how to deal with what's new, I sleep on it and make sure it's what I want and not what 'others have'. Recently some ladies here just helped talk me out of buying a bag I really loved but wasn't practical for me. So like some of the ladies here mentioned, it's how you want to use this forum. I joined as I was researching on Chanel leathers after realising my 1st Chanel was an impulse purchase.
  14. I've actually done this with a few old fabric Coach I found at a thrift store for $5 each. I figured even if they got destroyed I wasn't really out much. I put them in a pillowcase with light soap and let air dry. They came out beautiful and one was a dirty white older Poppy. My girls hate them and think they are sooo outdated, which they are but they are still fun...and vintage now.
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  15. I was referring to vintage leather Coach bags but fabric Coach works too.