I quit Luxury. selling all Chanel bags to get back to minimalist style. I feel overwhelming .

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  1. huh? I dont get it. Consign of the time?
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    Totally support your decision @RataDrawitra. I've never read a single post where you've said you blame tPF so I don't know why others have brought tPF into it. I can totally understand the need to gain control over spending and collecting if it's bringing you no joy and only anxiety. I hope you will pop in sometimes and tell us how you're doing. I love that you feel newly liberated.

    I'm not a minimalist. In fact I feel consumerism and fashion is selling us minimalism after having sold us 'sales', 'promotions' and 'FOMO'. I really enjoy owning and using my bags (andsscarves, RTW, jewellery etc) and that includes my (very, very old) Chanel.
  3. I solely blame my weakness. I’m very happy not to think about handbags anymore. Anxiety is not fun and hurtful.
  4. I've also decided on owning 10 bags or less so last year I sold most of my bags and ended up with 3. I'm in the process of rebuilding based on what I need now and into the future. I don't care about trendy or classic bags, I just buy what works for me. It's great to read about everyone's journey and positive changes we are making towards our goals.
  5. I have gifted two of my contemporary designer handbags to lovely friends to keep my heart in check. It feels awesome to downsize. I am still a little far from stepping away from handbags but it’s fast approaching. Lol.
  6. I can relate to everything you’ve felt towards luxury goods. When i bought my very first chanel bag, i got it through an online consignment store and somehow it felt like it wasnt enough. My very first bag was a medium boy bag. Friends tell me i need to shop at the local boutique to have a full chanel experience of purchasing a bag there. And so i did. I got my second bag at a local boutique. It was a blue classic double flap. Then next it became the 31 rue cambon experience. And i got my 3rd bag there. It was a small blue navy boy. All these 3 bags within a span of 5 months.

    Over time, i became more and more compelled to feel that i need to take advantage of the tax refund whenever i travel overseas. My trips to europe have went from a “i want to explore sightseeing areas and food stops” to a “lets cater 1 day to go shopping at luxury goods stores”. It was so bad to a point where the first day of these trips must be to the boutiques, rather than to the sightseeing places first, then travel to the boutiques on the last few days of the trips. Even going to these luxury goods stores somehow brought more excitement in me than actually exploring the cities.

    I became more and more obsessed with knowing what’s the upcoming season’s bags and colors that will be released. Even if its not something that i’d normally use, i’d feel like i need to have a piece or two from the collection. I also felt like i need to get it in order to maintain friendly links with my local SA, so that she’ll continue informing me when the upcoming season is released and invites to the tea parties for the season’s launches.

    Every new bag that came delivered to my house i’d feel excited, take pictures of it and theN stored in my display cabinet. I never really truly enjoyed or made much use out of my bags (each of my bags have only been used less than 5 times). Most of them still have the protective stickers and tags left on them. I somehow just left them stored in my display and then by the next week im on the lookout for what’s next.

    I sell some bags knowing that i’d make a loss but i felt like i need to and must sell it in order to fund the next one, even though the bags that i originally owned have hardly been used.

    It’s a never ending cycle and everytime i tell myself that im at purse peace, it’s no longer valid by the next month. My instagram and facebook feed are full of chanels and seeing how other people post their purchases entice me to get more so that i can feel the same way that they do.
  7. Isn’t it crazy??!! I promised myself I was on a ban island for 2 years. I already cut it to six months since I am already struggling. Crazy
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  8. Hi Mikerun, thank you for your sharing! I had that experience as you since i bought my first C bag from 2016 till 2019 Dec was over 20 piece at this moment. In the meantime, I was so excited to unbox all my purchase every time but there are no more excitement when I did the last purchase on last December 2019. I had no clue why I'm got this thinking to quilt. Even though our nice SA reserved something special for me till now and I have no interest to visit there and gave up all reservation immediately. I hope I will keep this right attitude till the end.
  9. I'm not a minimalist either. I don't think you have to be at either extreme. The purpose of money is to buy things I need, and once my needs are met, to buy things that make me happy. It doesn't make sense that I worked so hard to earn money if I'm not going to enjoy it now.
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  10. I personally "brought tPF into it" to say that I can see (and I personally feel) that being on here, seeing bags, and chatting with people that are equally obsessed *enables* me to want to or actually buy more bags.

    Not "blaming" tPF as we're all responsible for our own actions, but all I mean to say is: media influences our behavior. tPF is a type of social media and how we 'use' it is our choice. Like I said, I respect and support @RataDrawitra 's decision to sell her bags and leave. Makes me think about my buying habits and personally feel that I need to limit my time on tPF. Again, no blame, because I believe tPF is a great resource if you use it wisely.
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  11. Agreed! I learned not to browse mindless. If I am ever researching for specifics on a certain bag I know I can come here and find important info. For example, I am trying to learn more about Hermès leathers and colors. This site is extremely resourceful. But I don’t read threads doing reveals, unboxing, monthly purchases, new seasonal items, etc. Yes, each person is responsible for how they feel and how they use this “space”.

    What some may not understand is that some of us struggle with boundaries and we become trapped in the constant consumption of bags. It does something to us, in a rewarding way, maybe more dopamine lol, that makes it really difficult to stop. It’s borderline scary. Now, it is important to notate, that while some people struggle with the lack of self control, others do just fine. These statements, including OP’s, cannot be taken personally, as if she is judging others for buying. She is sharing an internal struggle and I totally acknowledge how that feels. Each person handles life experiences differently, and we need to validate that. I, personally, don’t think I am mentally ready to quit yet but I am struggling to find balance.
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  12. have you ever tried meditating? I find that helps create the space and peace. It’s great that you are aware of the shift, and I would also try using your bags more and feel the love for your bags in your collection. :smile: If you truly enjoy using what you have, you can shift your desires.
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  14. Just in case others are not aware, there is an excellent thread on the general Handbags forum where we all try to address our less advantageous habits, set goals for ourselves and use what we already have already. It's good to hear general narratives that have brought members to the thread, and their day to day struggles/triumphs. People dip in and out as their life dictates. Please join us if you feel perhaps ambiguous about your possessions/collecting behaviour and need support in shopping from your own wardrobe, which is so much fun too: