I quit Luxury. selling all Chanel bags to get back to minimalist style. I feel overwhelming .

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  1. I am not strong enough to deal with my feeling of buying new bags all the time. No middle path for me. I either do luxury or not don't do it at all.

    Goodbye folks
  2. Hi ! I am rather surprised to read this here. I understand that tpf can make you want always more. Instead of selling your collection, maybe you could keep and enjoy what you have (by the way, what nice things do you already own ?)
    If you sell them all, I wish you won't regret.
  3. sorry for giving you guys a bad vibe. I don't enjoy having them anymore. How could I spend a lot of money on handbags? omg I feel guilty to spend money like that.
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  4. It does indeed feel liberating to purge at times, as long as it is done with clear intent and doesn't lead to excessive consumption in other aspects of your life. I too have let go of many hobbies in the past that lead to accumulation of too much stuff. Being grateful for having what one has and shifting priorities is healthy, good luck to you!
  5. Thak you so much.
  6. Goodbye @RataDrawitra ! Others can only respect your decision.

    Not specific to OP's decision/comment: I can see how TPF is 'enabling' in that you see new bags, chat with like-minded (or, equally obsessed) individuals but ultimately, I feel like I'm in control of what I actually buy and I use TPF as a resource (rather than confirmation) to learn what bags are available in what seasons, ask question etc.
  7. I've been limiting my time on TPF as a result of these passive enabling techniques. The narrative of "treating yourself" and "get it before it's gone" can be just too much to deal with. I've also been considering giving up thrifting for a few months as this buying urge courses itself through thrifting sometimes.
  8. I can afford handbag but I gotta give up thrifting aw well and this is making me sick. I used to be very poor and now I am spending money like $10,000++ on handbags that makes me think why I become materialistic. Did I forget the hardest time when you didn't have money? I feel guilty and sending handbags to Ann Feb Find to consign. All items Again I just want to tell my stroy,no hard feelings.
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  9. Yes being on tpf does normalize the large amounts of money that are being spent. Not just tpf , but also social media, youtube. Don't be too hard on yourself! Its ok to go through phases and focus on different things, and its a fine line between obsession and joy. Moderation is key, i think in most parts of life but difficult to achieve! Bags and materialistic things can defn bring joy, as you work hard for them. Good luck hope you feel better with your decision and thanks for sharing your perspective :smile:
  10. Thank you
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  11. Thank you so much for sharing your decision and your reasons, @RataDrawitra :hugs: .
    You've made me (and probably many others) think about my own choices and priorities.
  12. Thank you to you too
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  13. From my perspective, I’ve always collected something. It used to be antique glass and a specific brand of pottery. No one thought it was odd that I had dozens and dozens of pieces, although people seem dumbfounded that I have fifty handbags. Granted the price point is higher with bags but the principle is the same. At least my bags are useful, whereas, beautiful as it was, most of my glass collection sat in bins.
  14. ...and you always have the option to sell them, should you choose to and get back a good part of your investment!
  15. At least part of it for sure ( unlike my glass collection, where I’ve basically gotten about .20 to the dollar :cursing:).