I put myself on the waitlist for the Tivoli Pm...

  1. I just wondering how long did some of you wait for your bags? Is the shortage really true or they are creating hype for these new bags? TIA
  2. Elux had both the Tivoli Pm and Gm yesterday morning. Keep diligent watch--they may have some returns or get in another shipment soon. I was on the wait list at my closet LV store, but Elux got in a shipment before the LV store.

    Good luck---you will LVoe this bag!;)
  3. Call 866 and see if they can locate one for you. LV creates a lot of hype.....you'll be able to find one.
  4. i called yesterday they said everywhere is sold out and that it is the most sought after bag rigt now.:sad:
  5. Depending on your LV store, if you give them a credit card number in advance sometimes you can move to the top of the WL. They won't charge your card until the bag arrives and they if you go in a see it and aren't fond of you, you can reverse the charges...
  6. I'm drooling over the PM and had called my nearest store to see if they had any. They had ONE, but said they get shipments every day and shouldn't have a problem locating one for me if I wanted it.

    That's my limited experience (and it's been a couple of weeks since I called), but I wouldn't think it would be too hard to get your hands on one. :shrugs:
  7. Yay! I love my Tivoli PM. Make sure that you have nice, even, red glazing on your vachetta zipper edge!
  8. The Neiman Marcus in Houston has me first on the waiting list for the PM, but I decided to go with the GM (and I didn't leave a CC), so you might call them because you can get to the top of the list with a CC. I left a CC with the NJ store for the GM size, and the SA said I am first in line and they should get one in next week. She told me they usually get one Tivoli per shipment. Hope that helps!
  9. OMG, I saw a lady yesterday on my way to LV in Rodeo walking across the street carrying in her hand, her GM...........that is one HOT BAG!!
  10. It took about 3 weeks for my tivoli to come in. Worth the wait!!
  11. Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post here! Last week I went to LV at Saks at the Beechwood Place in Clev. Ohio to buy a zippy wallet... While I waited for the SA to bring out the zippy, I noticed on the wall behind her, the most stunning bag I'd seen in a LONG time! It was the Tivloli! I walked out with a Tivoli GM instead of the wallet! The store had both sizes in stock!

    Three days later and two trips to Clevland later, which is 1.5 hours away from me. I decided to return the GM as I was concerned it might be too big, and BTW, I had a severe case of Buyers Remorse. uuggh. So while I was there, I decided to look at the PM again, the SA said she honestly liked the GM better on me as I am 5'6. She told me there'd be no problem returning the GM as it was wait listed and in high demand... Hmm, someone else is waiting for this bag?? That's all it took! I couldn't imagine giving up that baby, buyers remorse or not! lol

    I left LV that day with my GM and the mono zippy wallet! I am thrilled with my purchases! :yahoo:

    When I got home I started reading all of the posts regarding the demand of these bags. I can tell you that I have several other LV bags. This is by far my favorite! It's so different from any of the others and just so beautiful. I do like the GM because of the adjustability of the handles and it's not as big as I thought it was initially. If you are questioning it at all, don't you'll love either size of this style bag!

    Yesterday I finally took her out for her first shopping trip and I rec'd several compliments and plenty of drooling stares! I live in a smalltown where very few people carry authentic LV's, if you know what I mean? Sometimes, I think nobody knows if I'm carrying real of fake, however, I know and I would NEVER! So it was very satisfying to receive so many compliments on such a rare and new bag!

    So, if anyone wants a PM, I know there is one at the LV store in Saks at Beechwood Place, Cleveland, Ohio!!
  12. I got the Neverfull for V-day and hated it, so we went to LV to exchange it and got their last Tivoli GM. So I didn't have to wait. It's amazing, and I love it!
  13. I got my Tivoli PM from eluxury when they first came out. My name is still on the waitlist at my local LV--I don't think they will ever call me!
  14. Check out eBay there have been a couple PM's I was watching and they went for about IDK, $200 bucks over retail maybe...

    Ebay sellers were selling them (and some sold) for around $1200-1350 and now they aren't doing too well..

    A tivoli Gm just ended and it ended at $1100. Reserve not met!

    So IDK maybe people just hate ebay! I mean why would you hate ebay? Psshhh.

    Here's the current ones on ebay -PM

  15. Think people are scared of the fakes out their, also if something goes wrong with the handbag, at least if you buy it direct from LV at one of their boutiques they will take care of it.
    I know I am afraid to buy bags from e-bay