I Put My Neighbor's Cocker Spaniel In My Mm Neverfull And Carried It

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  1. yep! .... and along with a bottle of water..........the dog weighs about 23 lbs.
    LOL :roflmfao:

    ok, i only carried it for about 1/2 hour, but still, dog did well, bag did great, and my shoulders weren't sore..............i really think LV has come up with an incredible thing with the Neverfull
  2. :roflmfao:
  3. does this bag have a stiff bottom or is it floppy like the speedy ?
  4. that sounds too cute! hmm...the idea of a neverfull is growing on me...
  5. Sounds to cute.

  6. allow me to answer this one :biggrin:

    I just noticed a bit of the sag earlier. I guess it just depends on how much stuff you have inside the bag.
  7. Oh my!! do you have pics? or a video? would love to see that!!
  8. The Neverfull's bottom is floppy like the Speedy. I put a piece of cardboard into the bottom of my Neverfull MM(just like my Speedy) and now the bottom of the purse is stiff. I'm not a fan of the sag.
  9. That sounds too cute! I wish you could have captured a picture!

    BTW, your neighbor's cocker spaniel is only 23 lbs? Mine is around 30 lbs! Yikes! I think I feed her too many doggie treats. :push:
  10. At least you know the straps are stong enough. They look so skinny...

    I would have worried that the dog would poop in there. :p
  11. Cool. Must be a nice well behaved doggie.
  12. lololol ohhhh i forgot to tell you all that i lined her with plastic first before putting doggy in..............actually regarding saggy bottom, i haven't noticed it as much in NF as in speedy...................it doesnt bother me that much tho in speedy

    alas, i have ni pic or video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i promise to take one when and if i put in a set of weights or something!

  13. Totally, I believe this will have to be the next purchase for me. After I carry my papillon for at least a month!!:p
  14. I'm really thinking about this bag although I don't need another mono. Glad to know it's sturdy enough to hold a dog! :smile:
  15. Awww. I have a Cocker to but mines closer to 40 lbs. I wouldn't dare put him in a bag i'd feel the pain for months :smile: