I put all my eggs in the Magenta basket, and I'm DISAPPOINTED.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I think a few things are really bothering me and I'm wondering if anyone feels the same way.

    I ordered the 07 LE magenta city hoping that it would be exactly like 05 magenta. I realize now that this was a silly and unrealistic expectation, because, as we have seen, the 07 LE magenta is a flatter colour than the original, vibrant 05. Yet, despite my disappointment over the colour, I was happy knowing that I had a LE bag, with gold hardware at that.

    However, now that I've seen pictures of the 08 magenta, I can't see what makes the 07 LE magenta unique: the 08 magenta looks to be very, very similar in colour to the 07 LE magenta. In addition, I would assume (based on the pictures of the 08 magenta that I saw) that Balenciaga is making the 08 magenta in the city style, and with giant gold hardware as well.

    From which stems the burning question: How different will my 07 LE magenta city with GGH look from the 08 magenta city with GGH?

    Not very, I'm thinking. :crybaby:

    I don't mean to open this can of worms all over again (because I know the colour of the 07 LE magenta was discussed to death), but I guess I just feel ripped off. :crybaby:


    I just don't know what to do. Should I sell it? I saw an LE magenta GSH on eBay, and nobody has touched it.

    I'm just so disenchanted and disappointed that I feel like crying.

    $1500 is a lot of money to spend on a bag, especially on my student budget, and this feeling of disappointment with my purchase is just overwhelming, and unprecedented at that.

    Please offer me suggestions, and try to help me feel better. :crybaby:

    Thanks everyone.
  2. That stinks! I've only seen LE magenta on here, but when I saw the swatch at BalNY I was struck by how similar they seemed. However, some of the pics that have been leaking out look different than the swatch (which seemed deeper and more purply to me). I don't think we'll really know what they colors look like until we have them in our hands.

    I'm on a small budget myself, and I wouldn't keep something because of its "limitedness" -- I can't afford to when there are bags that I'd rather have and use constantly. But I wouldn't be too disheartened by current eBay prices, since it doesn't seem to be a good time of the year (wait till after the holidays when everyone is back to splurging on themselves ;)).
  3. Thanks for the positive words, outpt.

    Much appreciated! : )
  4. I would wait to see how the 08 Magenta looks like in real life too. Photos can be very misleading. Take heart! There has to be some difference between the 07 LE and 08 shade. Someone might prefer to bid on an 07 LE eBay auction :smile:
  5. I totally understand your disappointment with the whole LE thing, but I think if you love carrying your 07 magenta you should still be glad you purchased it. Don't worry about the 05 magenta or the 08 magenta. Just worry about whether you like the look of your bag and does it make you feel good.

    I bought an LV groom agenda, and just found out that even though groom was "LE", they are coming out with another type of groom line. I felt a little ripped off at first, but you know what? I love my groom agenda and realized that is all that matters.

    I realized that I was glad I bought the groom because I love it and not because it is LE. I really think bags are not a good investment except in rare circumstances. I am just glad if I can recoup a good portion of what I paid when I sell. And yes, don't look at ebay prices now. It is a terrible market right now.
  6. ITA with afcgirl!
    In the beginning I was a little disappointed with my LE magenta too because I was really expecting it to be just like the 05 but then I thought about it and realized I really liked the bag when I wasn't comparing it or analyzing it. So basically when I stopped comparing it I really loved it. After all, I've still never seen an 05 magenta IRL so it's only looking on TPF that made me lust after it! I get compliments on my LE all the time and I love it.
    I don't think it's that similar to the 08 magenta either. The 08 looks alot lighter more like a hot pink without the purple undertones. However, in the end if you are not happy with it just sell it and get something you love. Good luck! :flowers:
  7. "I bought an LV groom agenda, and just found out that even though groom was "LE", they are coming out with another type of groom line. I felt a little ripped off at first, but you know what? I love my groom agenda and realized that is all that matters."

    I know how you feel. I bought a LE Mirror Speedy from LV because I liked the bag. Althought in the end it didn't work for me (the sag on that material) and I sold it. I remember feeling sad that I didn't have my hard to get LE bag (that I loved). Then a year later (was it a year?) LV comes out with the Mirror line again :cursing:, this time on the Lockit. I felt a little cheated too. I mean, that Mirror Speedy was supposed to be a one shot deal, but I guess LV saw how well is sold, and how many people still wanted one, even though they were sold out. So they made more in a different styled bag (which I ended up buying too :girlsigh:).

    But I have learned that when a "color" is LE or very hard to get, it seems most designers will bring it back again, in one form or another. I missed out on the 07 LE magenta, but now Bal will have an 08 version. I realize it's not the exact same shade, but it will satisfy me :yes:.

    I think if a designer is going to do an LE color, then they should not repeat it in a similar shade (at least not for several years), I don't think that's fair to the people who went crazy to get on a wait list or hunt one down. LE really needs to be LE. So now when they (Bal, Chanel, LV, etc) say something is LE, I know if I miss it something very similar will be released eventually :shame:.
  8. If you love the LOOK of the bag, rather than the 'limitedness', you should keep it. I have a Magenta with GGH, and even though something similar is coming our for spring, I just love the leather on MY bag, and know that no other bag can replace it. I really think that the 'Limited Edition' label is all hype - there hasn't been a single limited style I haven't been able to get my hands on at least 6 months after it's first release. Which makes me think that all these 'hard to get styles' aren't THAT hard to get. But as long as you love what you have, it makes no difference whether someone else can get it or not.

  9. ^^ ITA!!! :goodpost:
  10. Agreed -- get and keep because you love it.....I have "ordinary" stuff that I LOVE and some ltd edition pieces that I never even use......
  11. I do agree with the previous posters who have said just worry about whether you like the bag for itself, not in comparison with others. Very few people out there (other than those of us who hang out on tPF and a few others) will know that there are three magentas, let alone that there's a limited edition one. I don't know if I could distinguish one from another without seeing them near each other, if I just saw someone walk past with one, for example.

    I would also hang in there until you get to see your bag and see more pictures of the 08 Magenta. I have the LE magenta, and I don't think the two look that similar so far. One of the things I like about the LE color is that it has the purplish undertones, and at least from the few pics I've seen, the 08 doesn't have those tones.
  12. Hi all,

    So, what was the final verdict on this one? Are the 2007 LE and the 2008 Magenta pretty much the same?
  13. To me, the LE and the spring 2008 magentas seem totally different, both in color and leather quality. I am SO glad I got the LE now. Had I passed on it and waited for spring, I personally would be really disappointed now. Of course, that isn't true for everyone. I never cared anything about the idea of "limitedness." There are tons of 05 magenta bags out there, and they were constantly being sold and resold. I think the edition was limited in number because there was no real certainty that there was still a huge demand or that it would sell in vast numbers. Still, leaving all the extraneous stuff and the existence of previous and current similar colors aside, I just love the bag in and of itself. I think the color and the leather are great, so I'm happy with it.
  14. ^^ can you post a photo of it girl (?) :tender: