I put a large ergo in camel on hold at the outlets

  1. Hi, I'm so excited to hit the outlets this weekend. I live in Toronto so we don't have any outlets but we're visiting my SIL in Boston this weekend so outlets here i come. I've placed the large ergo in camel on hold, they don't have the medium size as of yet. Is the large too large? They've also sold out of the black Ali at my local stores so I may be tempted to pick one up (I can always return them). Or is it better to get one from eBay?
  2. I don't think the large is too big unless you really prefer smaller bags. Did you get the tote or hobo?
  3. The large hobo is huge, but I think the large tote is a good size. Have fun at the outlets!
  4. I think the large is gorgeous!
  5. The large is sooooooo gorgeous! I have it.. in that color... and it is just yummy.

    Larger is better... ;)
  6. The large is large but it's light and slouchy and flexible so it's not like you have luggage hanging on your shoulder.
  7. For me the large is too large, but a lot of ladies here love it. I think it depends on your body, your style, and what you like to carry!! Check it out and see what you think!!! ;)