I put 3 Chloes on hold for you ladies!

  1. Hey everyone - I was in Nordstrom Corte Madera today and just happened to see 3 Chloes on really good sale::wlae:
    A medium Paddington satchel in orange w/gold hardware for around $614.
    A noir Silverado large satchel for $719.
    A noir Silverado (I think, although it says Bugatti on the printout and muscade on the tag; I don't know the styles for Silverado well, but it's taller:shrugs:) for $789.90. That last one also may have 3 colors (noir, ivoire, and muscade on the printout) available, although I don't know if they're all on sale - I just saw the noir.
    I had the SA, Nadine, put them on hold under my name, so if you're interested PM me. The phone number to the store is (415) 927-1690 x1250 and I did tell her that I may have some friends calling in for them.;)
  2. wow! they are great deals! especially the paddy!
  3. That is so nice of you to think of us!! We are such enablers...
    Wish I could snap up some of these deals but, I am done for a while..:crybaby:

    Have fun ladies!
  4. Does anybody has a picture of an orange paddy??? Thank you!!
  5. ^^I don't have a pic of an orange Paddy satchel, but here is a clutch. CHLOE - Paddington Clutch Purse (Orange) - diabro Unfortunately, another PFer just bought the one I had on hold. If we all keep our eyes out, though, we can help each other get our dream bags!:party:
  6. Thanks eddavhhr! I grabbed the bag at a superb price 60% off, can't wait to see it in real person!

  7. seahorse : You're welcome! I like to see other people get good deals almost as much as I like to get them myself.:wlae: Btw, keep your eyes out for metallic bleu nuit, anthracite, and mousse deals for me, ladies!:flowers:
  8. Is the mousse paddy still available at Chloe Bahrain??? I got one from them and it is lovely!
  9. ^^The medium Paddy satchel in mousse? If so, I am there! I thought I remembered you got the larger one? How much was yours? BTW, did you get a Silverado from Nordies? Can I put another question in this post?:roflmfao:
  10. Congratulations Seahorse. Great deal, wish I had gotten it.. :p
    Eddavhhr, thank you so much for posting these deals and for placing the bags on hold.
  11. Congrats seahorse! Such a great deal!
  12. I really really want a beige/cream/ivory paddy....
    Does anybody know any good deals around?? Thanks a bunch!! =)
  13. ah, thanks pquiles and leanbeanee, I really can't wait to hold it :yes:

    brtracy, I was hunting for one as well, aloha rag will have a sale soon, but not sure which colors and how much discount.
  14. What about this one??
  15. Did anyone get the Silverado? Not sure how long she was going to hold them, so I'm bumping this post.;)