I purchased my "eloping" dress today!

  1. Hi everyone!

    My FI and I recently changes our plans in how we were going to get married. Originally, we were going to elope in a tropical location, and I had a Nicole Miller gown picked out that was perfect for a beach wedding. However, as we started planning, different factors came into light that made us change our mind on a beach wedding. So, we decided that we were going to do the "city hall" thing and then travel to London and Paris for two weeks.

    I had an agonizing week trying to decide if I would regret not wearing a "gown" and although I could wear one to "city hall", it just didn't feel right to me. I decided that I was going to buy a really, really nice dress -- something that was sophisticated and chic, one that I could definitely wear to get married in, and for our two planned "romantic" dinners that we would like to do in each city.

    I decided that I wanted to buy a dress in the same price range that I had set for myself for the Nicole Miller. I did some research, and was really drawn to this Lela Rose dress:

    (Picture from Neiman Marcus)

    It seemed like a really fitting dress to get eloped in, and definitely something that I could see myself breaking out for future special occassions.

    I went to Neiman Marcus this afternoon to see if they had the dress and more importantly, to try it on, but neither NM's in my area carried Lela Rose. However, as I was browsing, I saw this Marchesa gown:

    (Picture also from Neiman Marcus)

    They actually had the dress in my size, and it fit perfectly! I really fell in love with it, and consulted with the associate on having it shortened to a tea-length dress. We weren't sure if it would change the integrity of the gown style-wise (because of the pleated waist), so she had a seamstress stop by and pin it up for me. I put on my flats, and it looked very Audrey Hepburn-ish. I felt really glamourous and pretty in it, so I purchased it on the spot because I was worried that the size would be sold out, as it already has online.

    However, I think I am still going to order the Lela Rose and see how I feel about it. I hate doing things impulsively, and would like to at least compare the Lela Rose to the Marchesa. I know that they are very different, but I think in prinicipal, both feel like the right kind of elopement dresses to me. The SA said that as long as I had the receipt and tags intact for the Marchesa, I could always return it.

    What do you guys think? Is there one dress you guys prefer over the other?

    I will have to figure out a way to take pictures without my FI seeing it....hopefully later this evening or tomororw.
  2. I definitely prefer the Marchesa.. absolutely GORGEOUS. However, choose whichever dress YOU love, it's YOUR special day and I know you'll cherish it forever. I do agree that the Lela Rose may be more suitable for the city hall.

    Whichever you choose, I'm sure you'll look stunning. Congratulations, and my best wishes to you both!
  3. love the Marchesa...it sounds really cute on you and i think it would be great tea-length!! i'm partial to lace because it gives off a romantic feel, very fitting for your "elopement" dress!!
  4. The Marchesa is stunning!!!!!

    I agree the Lela Rose Is more suited for City Hall( and it's a beauty too, simple elegance!) But it's your day so it doesn't matter, do whatever you want!!!!!
  5. The marchesa is beautiful, and imo much better suited to what you need it for. very nice way to juxtapose wearable and classy wedding dress, having it taken up.
  6. Both! Seriously.
  7. The Marchesa gown is beautiful!!
  8. Love the 2nd dress.... its gooorgeeousss. I'm so excited for you!!! cOngrats SULI!!!
  9. I agree that you should do what you want; please don't let our opinions influence you. It's your dress, and they're both beautiful. That said, I far prefer the Lela Rose. I don't especially like the Marchesa, and I really don't care for tea length. Can you hem the Marchesa to knee length?
  10. Love the Marchesa gown!!!

    Me and my DH "eloped" to get married too... in Los Cabos, DH promised my marriage will be like a honeymoon. ;) Saved tons of cash that way and since my Dad died that few months prior and family member is still in mourning, we thought it was the absolutely best thing to do (as it is unfair to have his family and not mine all here "especially my dad").

    My wedding dress was from Nichole Miller but I have bought that dress a few years back (all white for college prom) from the states and left it with an old buddy of mine that I used to go to school with (she does custom wedding dresses in SG) to get some custom details done.
  11. I love the Marchesa gown! It's much more "fancy" IMO and more appropriate for getting married. This is a once in a lifetime thing..you don't want to wear just any old dress. I would probably wear a dress like the first one to go out for lunch. It is definitely more on the casual side to me.
  12. Marchesa...no doubt about it ! :drool::girlsigh::flowers:
  13. I like the second one the best. I think it will look adorable tea length! Big congrats to you!
  14. Oh this is so exciting! I love the Marchesa too! Congrats Su Li!!