I purchased a Jimmy Choo Mahala

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  1. I have been eyeing the red version, but I don't know how to tell a real from a fake. It's gorgeous, and congrats.
  2. It looks good to me and I really hope it's authentic, but I'm afraid I only have a JC Bean Bag, so I don't really know. I also hope it's in good condition.

    I'm slightly worried, as this seller seems more than a bit unreliable, from their negs and neutrals:


    If you have any problems, please let us know. :yes:
  3. The seller does have quite a few negatives, but overall just 190 negatives and more than 70,000 positives. So that's not really awful. Looks like a drop-seller.
  4. yeah, i checked out the negatives and they seem to be all electronics. so, keep your fingers crossed that this is the real deal. i went ahead with the buy it now as soon as i saw it, b/c i didn't want someone else to snatch it. but i am going to call in the morning to make sure it is legit, in good condition, etc. before i make payment.
  5. ^^ Personally, I think anything under 99.9% is poor, for a powerseller with this many sales and this seller is waaay under that.

    The higher the number of sales, the higher the feedback score percentage should be. :yes:

    Two, or more, of the same negative comment and you should trust the buyers' judgement and move on; is the standard advice, after all. :shrugs:

    I would never risk buying from a seller like this.
  6. Hmmm . . . good points. I never thought about it that way.
  7. chloehandbags, goofbay is awesome. i just used the link. i've never heard of it before. thanks!

  8. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you, courtney. :biggrin:

    The thing is, that if a seller is poor when they're selling one type of item, why would they be any better with another? :shrugs:

    I think it's a very good idea to call them in the morning, before you decide whether to pay, BTW. :yes:

  9. No problem! :biggrin:

  10. I learned quite a lot about this subject, because of the whole monaco-babe thing and the List of Bad/Unreliable eBay Sellers thread (in the old Seller Watch/Authenticate This! forum).
  11. I bought Michael Kors shoes from this seller about 6 months ago and they were exactly as described. I think their items are authentic.
  12. ^ Glad to hear everything went well for you, KDB! :biggrin:
  13. chloehandbags, you always give such helpful advice, we're lucky to have you:smile:
  14. Thanks KDB! I noticed he had a lot of designer shoes listed too, so that good to know that yours were authentic.