I purchased a Chanel Classic Flap on a whim!

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  1. Warning: Long story ahead but there's a picture at the end. :smile:

    The Chanel classic flap is my most expensive bag purchase to date by far (for comparison, my second most expensive bag is a Fendi Kan I). I do also own a Chanel boy bag, but that was a gift from my MIL. First off, I'm not the type to make purchases on a whim. I almost always spend weeks, if not months, thinking about a particular handbag, researching it by reading about it on PurseForum or watching reviews/unboxings on YouTube, and making sure I have enough in expendable savings that buying it won't affect any other aspects of my lifestyle before I make the purchase. So why did I buy a Chanel classic flap on a whim? Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted one; it's one of my dream handbags! I just never actually made the purchase yet because it's expensive (and keeps on getting more expensive from all the price hikes), and I had wanted to wait until I traveled to Europe or Hong Kong...

    Then the past weekend, my husband and I went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant with some of our neighbors (who are also his coworkers), and that restaurant happened to be in a ritzy neighborhood located in a mall with luxury goods stores that ranged from Moncler to Hermes. It was also a restaurant that required reservations in advance and our reservation wasn't until 8:30 PM. Since all of us arrived much earlier, we decided to split up and do some window shopping first. I actually predominantly buy online because I sometimes feel intimidated setting foot inside a physical store, and I've read enough stories where people get judged by the SA and receive subpar service, etc. Thus, when we walked into a Chanel store carrying just a vintage Coach crossbody bag (the most expensive thing I wore that night was a Gucci belt), I was prepared to be completely ignored. However, to my surprise, the SA, although she was helping another group of customers at the time, came to us and warmly asked if there was anything in particular we were looking for. Naturally, the first thing I inquired was for a Chanel classic flap in medium, caviar leather, and silver hardware. I've heard of stories that sometimes Chanel flaps, because they are so popular, are not always available. To my surprise yet again, she went to the back of the store and brought out exactly what I asked for.

    I couldn't believe that my dream bag was right in front of me. I gently ran my fingers across its leather grains and diamond stitches and cautiously opened it up to see its hidden flap and burgundy leather lining. I realized in that moment that it was actually my first time touching a Chanel flap in real life. Overwhelmed with emotions, the pure adrenaline, and an intense desire - I wasn't thinking with my brain anymore but feeling with my heart, and my heart wanted that bag. When the SA told me that she had only one unopened Chanel bag left, my decision was already made. I purchased the bag that night.

    Needless to say, it was definitely impulse buy. If I had just waited for perhaps a couple more years, I could have bought it for much less in Europe. Thankfully, my budget had just enough room for it (if I cut back on eating out for the next month or two), and it didn't affect my ability to set aside the usual portion of my income towards retirement. But it made me feel unease. Am I rationalizing for my behavior? Am I too obsessed with luxury handbags? Or am I going to get addicted to the rush of adrenaline of shopping? I'm not sure. But I know one thing, every time I take a look at my Chanel classic flap, I couldn't help but smile. I also probably shouldn't buy anymore handbags for the rest of this year.

    Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! For those of you that made it to the end: What handbags/luxury items (Chanel or non-Chanel) have you purchased on an whim? How did you feel when you made the impulse buy? Any regrets afterwards?

  2. congrats on your purchase (we're bag twins!), enjoy it and don't feel guilty!

    *cough cough* (please don't think I'm weird) but sniffing the leather makes me happy, you should try it too :graucho:
  3. Enjoy your new beautiful bag! I pretty much had the same feeling after buying my first Classic flap this month... M/L but GHW. I went to bed with mixed feelings of both happiness and horror thinking about how much I spent on a bag!!! :biggrin:
    But then again, just like you it’s my dream bag and I bought it with my own money.
    It’s a classic, you’ll wear it for years and it gets more expensive every year...
    Besides that you only live once! Do what makes you happy. Instead of having that money resting in a bank account you now have a beautiful bag to wear for many many years :love:
  4. Lmao I’m glad I’m not the only one! I literally took it out last night just to smell the leather :giggle::graucho:
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  5. Definitely don’t feel guilty! You deserve it and it’s your dream bag so enjoy it.

    My whim purchase was a Chanel Beauty Lock. I knew nothing about the bag but when I saw it, I had to have it. It’s still one of my most favorite bags.
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  6. Congrats on your dream bag, enjoy it! Don't feel guilty you sound like a very responsible person, life is short it's okay to splurge on something that makes you happy.
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  7. It sounds like you had decided to get the bag already, it was just a matter of when. I wouldn't fret about the few hundred bucks buying in France would have saved, you'll have the bag longer now. No need to regret the purchase - enjoy your beautiful bag!
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  8. Enjoy ur lovely bag...
    It wasn't an impulse buy as you knew exactly what you wanted and you were lucky to find it at the store that day!
    And why wait for few "years "to buy it cheaper if you wear able to afford it at that time.
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  9. It would be more expensive in a few years - not cheaper. So don’t think about the possibility that you would have saved money.
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  10. What a sweet story. Congrats, it's beautiful! It's funny, almost every single bag I bought, I felt joy and shock at the time but looking back, none of them had any material impact on my finances and I still love each and every one of them. You've been thinking about it for a long time, it was not an impulse buy. Enjoy!
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  11. There have only ever been two handbags I didn’t even regret for a second, regardless of the price tag: My 18 series jumbo classic flap (black quilted caviar with GHW) and my Birkin.

    Every other handbag I’ve owned (and I’ve owned dozens) is either sitting in a box or has long since been consigned.

    The two I adore trade places as my daily drivers. Love at first sight.

    If it makes you feel better, I cried when I was offered my Birkin and saw it in real life. Very much “OMG I own this?!”

    Your flap is beautiful. Enjoy it in good health and wear it often.
  12. Oh my gosh, YES! I'm a total bag sniffer as well. :P
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  13. Funny you should mention, Birkin is the other handbag on my dream list. That one, unfortunately, will have to wait a few more years before I can attempt to purchase it. Your Birkin looks beautiful from your profile picture, and it's actually one of the colors I'm lusting after.
  14. Your story made me happy for some reason.
    There is a (IMHO) beautiful saying in German. It’s about this: “life is unsure, so let’s eat dessert first” :smile:
    Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  15. Enjoy this beautiful bag forever, and thank you for sharing this great story!
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