I proudly present to you...........

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  1. my first Chanel bag, yahoo! :yahoo:

    Here she is, it's the East/West timeless classic lambskin flap with adjustable chain and gold h/w. [​IMG]
    I'm more of a handheld bag type of person, but this is just an adorable bag and so lightweight to carry around.

    Fits more than I thought at first, but not my current wallet. I feel a new Chanel wallet coming up :graucho:

    I'm soooo in love:love: :love: :love:

    Maybe I'll take some modelling pics tomorrow.:smile:
  2. Lovely!!! congrats!
  3. My next bag is gonna be the East/West! It is gorgeous!! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  6. Beautiful!!!!!
  7. Couldn't have made a prettier choice. (I just got an e/w also :smile: It's so light weight and easy to carry. Enjoy wearing your beautiful new Chanel!!!
  8. what a terrific first choice...:heart: it! congrats!:yahoo:
    please do post pics modeling!
  9. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  10. GORGEOUS! Congratulations.:yahoo:
  11. :drool: Beautiful bag, congrats!!! :drool:
  12. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  13. Beautiful. I don't own an E/W, but it's on my list with many others.

  14. Gorgeous, classic, timeless--what a perfect bag!!!

  15. I agree totally!!!! Congrats!! Can you post a modeling pic? :p