I promised I'd let you know..

  1. I promised you'd be one of the first I told whether or not I got into college.

    I was not rejected, but they suggested I apply again for the Spring term after completing a few more credits.

    My "best friend" is furious with me, and I'm so sick of his b***s**t.

    It just changes things by mere months (and now I don't have finals at the same time as the Spice Girls shows - he he err ahem!).

    He's a wacko control b*****d.

    I'm kind of upset right now about financial matters. Things'll get better though. I'm not even upset about the school thing or even that my "best friend" isn't talking to me.

    I'm just bummed that supplies for my new *thing* are so expensive - he he. I'm now like addicted to yarn and things...


    I'm starting to make purses!

    But that's another thread. So far I've only completed a small coin purse, but I've just gotten past being a newbie knitter and can work more quickly now. Just need yarn - lol.

    I still don't even care about college ---- and oh! This "friend" does NOT support my design as a career choice.


    So yeah anybody who remembers me, I disappeared because I had to *cleanse* of the designer purse buying so I could afford to start making bags! I'd rather make them. Personally. :nuts:

    Besides I have Chloes AND a Stam. I'm satisfied. :smile:

    Well I have some time to think about what to do with my life.

    And now I need to re-apply TWICE more soon for financial aid.. grr.. It'll be worth it to receive the aid though. $$save my own money for supplies!!$$

    I'll come back more, girls!

    I think I'm going to suggest we get an indie board slash making bags!

    TTYL..... Never forgot about that promise to let you know OH and there's a whole story about why I found out so late. I kept having to send in more things that were required. Real pain. Unbelievable.

    It's late *yawn* and the words on the screen look small, so pardon any ramblings. :smile: As usual!!! :yes:
  2. Hey gal...

    it's ok, reapply in spring and see how things go =) one or 2 semesters later than you expected is not a big deal in the big scheme of things ....

    I remember this best friend of yours from previous posts ... he sounds very controlling like he knows what's best for you ... i'm not sure that's the healthiest relationship/friendship ....

    HEY hang out with us here on GD.... i'm totally broke too and stay away from the designer forums to stay away from temptation =)

    tell us about your knitting and all!! i would like to kniit stuff but so far can only knit a panel of something. IE SCARF... LOL

    Hugs gal
  3. Glad to have you back as I was wondering what had happened to you, DesignerElla. Look forward to seeing more of your creations!

    PS Etsy rocks! :smile:
  4. I remember your story too. Do what you think is best for you, not what he thinks. He does sound controlling.

    I love the idea of you making your own creations--you sound happy about that. It can lead to bigger and better things, even if it's a sideline while you attend college later on. Keep your options open, but each step you take can be in the direction you want to go.

    I'm so glad you posted!
  5. You know I'm just realizing this myself and with finding out who I want to be and what I want to do with life in the long term, maybe it's because I'm approaching 30, or I'm having some type of crisis, but you have to do what makes YOU happy. You can't live by your "best friend's" terms. He can't run your life. Your "best" friend is supposed to have your "best" interests at heart. If I recall are you the person who's friend wanted you to move to florida? If I'm mistaken I apoligize. If I even had an inkling of a creative bone in my body, you damn right I would look into creating stuff and turning it into a business then I could stay home with my family. I spent years worrying about what I should do with my life and what everyone else thought I should be doing and I got very depressed because in the end I wasn't satisfied. Live your life for you and not your friend. Maybe you should rethink this friendship if it's causing you so much grief. Believe me I cut alot of negative, worst of all critical, people out of my circle in the past year. I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey with finding yourself and I would love to see these designs.