I promise this one is absolute last shopping **pics**

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  1. OMG I love the Shelton!!

    This better be it Nita :graucho:
  2. those bags look great! congrats!

  3. Oh it is..I am broke!
  4. :nuts: wow bagsnbags!!! I love the shelton!
  5. Nita two great bags that look hot on you...awesome...congrats!!!!!
  6. Congrats! Love them both!
  7. congrats! great bags, love the shelton!
  8. Where did you find the Shelton??? Great pics...you have a great figure. I was just trying on jeans and my booty does not look like that:sad:
    NICE bags!! As always ENJOY!
  9. yay now we're Shelton twinsies!:yahoo:
  10. Thank you guys!!!
  11. Love them, congrats!

  12. LOL :shame: Thank you..I had to go to eBay route..I've been wanting for this color forever.
  13. great bags and they look even better on you, nita!
  14. I love your Damier Pap!!! Congrats!