I Promise This Is The Last Thread On Heather Mills... She Is Now A Redhead

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  1. [​IMG]
    From blonde to redhead: Heather Mills' red locks are a far cry from her old blonde look

    New look: Heather Mills sports her new hairstyle as she leaves the nail salon in Beverly Hills
  2. I have to say, it suits her. Not that I'm a fan.

    Why did she only have one foot done?
  3. ^^^she is an amputee.
  4. not a fan of hers either but the color does suit her I think. It's a lot more natural.
  5. She looks great as a redhead,much more becoming to her skin tone.Hope she will enjoy spending her windfall :P.
  6. the press need to stop taking her picture... she's a total NOBODY, always has been, always will be!
  7. She looks like she is carrying a bag of dog poo in the salon pic. I do like the red better than then blonde.
  8. Oh I forgot! Duh.

  9. I didnt remember that at first either & thought the same thing. :shame:
  10. I like it.
  11. i like the new colour, she lokos younger and healthier

    however i have the same view on her as i do Yoko Ono! nobody likes a groupie who splits up the band.
  12. she looks great! Red really flatters her and softens her look. Hopefully, this will be a nice fresh new start for her!
  13. Maybe she's hoping when she move to NYC that no one will recognize her
  14. she looks a mess all around.
  15. i hope she just goes into the background now and lives happy ever after. She needs to remember that her daughter will find out about everything she say's/does and the same about what her dad does. I think she may get a hard deal she has had a gagging order an can't say what he did so it must be bad is my thinking??? I don't think he is an angel either i am not sticking up for her as i think she has gone about everything really badly but just think he has got of lightly because if who he is.