I preordered magenta w/rh, but now I want sgh!!!!

  1. After receiving my violet sgh brief (which is amazing) I realized that I wanted my magenta in sgh also. Can I switch my order being that it is backordered? DOes anyone know? Of course I decide this after Balny closes! TIA!
  2. Are you sure you'd like the giant hardware in the City style? I think you might find the giant hardware too heavy and crowded on the city.
  3. Ask your SA if you can get the one I ordered, it was SGH. They refunded me today and they could just charge you the difference. I love the SGH too! I would have waited but it was just too long for me. I'm an instant gratification type, LOL.
  4. That shakes my preference too...I think the SGH goes really well with Violet...hmmm~~~
  5. Does anyone know when the deliviery date for the LE magenta in RH is now?
    How does the refund work? is it still possible to cancel RH?
  6. i was told this week :yahoo: but then i rec'd an email yesterday advising nothing was here yet :sad:
    i have GSH on my plomb city & it looks gorgeous :drool: i'm petite & the city is the perfect size for me :tup:
  7. I hope you can still exchange it, Shasta- fingers crossed!:tender::heart: Can't wait to see pics of your Brief!!:yes: