I prefer...

  1. which celebrity in your opinion has the best bag/bag collection?

    pictures, comments, etc. welcome!

    ex. nicole richies's balenciagas...

    jessica's leopard LV...

    (sorry if there's a thread like this already!)
  2. VB for sure :biggrin: specially her hermes bags :wtf:
  3. Hmm, I think Lindsay Lohan has amazing bags, she has a new one every time she goes out! Also, the olsens have some gorg bags too, love their chanels recently!!
  4. VB and Nicole!:yes:
  5. my favorite would have to be richie!

    i wouldn't mind having her collection of hermes and balenciagas!
  6. VB or jessica simpson
  7. VB
    Jessica Simpson
    Kimora Lee Simmons
  8. Lindsay & Nicole

  9. Kimora
  10. Nicole Richie
    Kimora Lee Simmons
    Jessica Simpson
    Victoria Beckham
  11. Paris Hilton!
  12. Victoria, for sure. I want this bag and cannot find out who made it!!!!!!!
  13. I was gonna say Jessica Alba. But, VB does have some wonderful bags.
  14. I'm going to say jessica simpson has a MEAN BAG GAME![​IMG] lol, thats a good thing in case your wondering.
  15. Lindsay Lohan spoils herself with bags... She wins?
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