i prefer coach wallets and small pouches compared to bags... is that weird?

  1. When it comes to logo COACH items,

    I prefer small wallets, small cosmetic bag/pouch, small ipod holder, etc.

    just the accessory, instead of liking the Coach logo bags.

    is that weird? for most people it's the other way around.

    But i like higher-end bags like from LV, gucci, etc.

    why do you think that is? i just can't figure it out.
  2. i know what you mean...i love coach, but the accessories always stick out to me more esp. when they are the signature print.
  3. Coach wallets and pouches are adorable!
  4. weird is running around outdoors naked in the snow...
    your taste, is your taste and not weird!!!
  5. I think its completely normal. I'm the same way. I think if the signature print is on a purse, then its too much. Having it on accessories is just enough.