I posted my chanels

  1. very pretty, thanks for sharing!
  2. thank you i did not want to put them here cuz had all my bags together in one pic but i wanted everyone to see the size of the mini flap in comparison to the other bags.
  3. ^^the mini flap is adorable! want one!
  4. Gorgeous bags, all of them!!! Thanks for sharing.
  5. You have some lovely bags! Thanks for showing us!
  6. Cute!
  7. love it, great buys
  8. Oh, the mini is so cute!! Love the color! very pretty collection!
  9. What a nice collection!
  10. thank you its amazing how 1 lil chanel cost more than most of the collection but i want more chanel would rather have a couple chanels than a zillion others. but its hard cuz i like other bags too.
  11. Nice collection! I love the little mini flap!:love:
  12. Very nice collection !!!
    Thank you for sharing :smile: !!!