I posted a sale on a Muse 2 Tricolor last weekend, now I want one myself!!!

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  1. I was at Cabazon last weekend and they were having the additional 20% off sale in the store. At the time, I saw the large muse 2 in "miroslava" tricolor and it was going for $799. I opted for a muse instead. But ever since I bought the muse, I've been thinking about the tricolor too! :drool: The outlets no longer have their 20% off sale, where else can I get one at that price!? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I think you'll have to scope out the NM sales for their extra 40% off sale. I think with their sale you could even get it for cheaper!

    You'll just need to be diligent about calling around the NM stores in the "cold" states to see if they have them.
  3. I know what you mean. I wanted that bag too and I would rather get it at $799 vs 999!
  4. Call the outlet and ask if they will extend the sale price to you now. Explain that you bought something already there. A lot of times the managers have the authority if they decide to give extra $$ off.
  5. There was a black Muse II on the NM website a couple hrs ago! Only 538! which a lucky tPF'er snagged! I think it would be worth calling around like a mad woman for!!!:graucho: