I played with the Bays...

  1. at Nordstrom and although they were all very stylish the outside access was hampered by the the dog ear/tags things. Did anyone buy a Bay and get frustrated?
  2. I had the same experience playing and won't buy for that reason. I guess inaccessibility and form over function are Chloe traits (along with dang gorgeous bags :nuts: and a lack of QC!! :sad:)
  3. I went to play with the bay at Saks in chicago,

    I wasn't so bothere with that, but I am wondering if the leather starts to break in after use. I know it is a structured bag but it is way stiffer than I thout it would be, any owners want to chime in?
  4. I have both the Quilted and the Non-Quilted Bays and I love them to bits :heart:

    I find them easy to get in and out of now although those outside pockets do take a bit of mastering :sweatdrop:

    The leather on all my Bays is already soft but I can see that they will get much better and more supple with use :yes:

    Fully understand why the Bay wouldn't be for everyone but for me.............welll, I think they are the best from Chloe since the Paddy :love: (hmmmm except maybe the Betty) :p
  5. I played with them too. I thought they were beautiful (I liked the non quilted much better than the quilted) I thought the leather was a bit stiff, but it felt like it would soften (again on non quilted). The straps were my problem. The messenger style, the strap was too short to do a cross body thing and have the bag hang where I wanted it, and the regular did not sit on the shoulder which for me is an absolute deal killer.

    The colors were gorgeous! I really like the light taupe/beigeish one.
  6. I bought the Bay in the camel, and I love it. Just carried it for the first time today. It feels great, had LOTS of compliments. And I believe I can carry it anytime with anything. Very neutral. :yahoo: :woohoo:
  7. In witch size did you bought it?
    I just love the quilted bay style! do you know witch size is mischa barton carrying?
  8. mischa's carrying a medium bay
  9. Thanks Gingerale! Did you try one?
  10. yes i got the moka one that mischa has :smile:
  11. I don't like the fact it's not easy to get into at all.