I pimped my speedy!! HOLLA!!

  1. Doesnt it look great! I love it!
    pics 510.jpg pics 511.jpg
  2. So pretty! That looks gorgeous on monogram. (Must look away because I have a serious charm addiction!!)
  3. I love the pastilles. It looks great on your speedy!!!! Loves it!
  4. That's really cute and glam! Well done!
  5. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. It's LVoely!!! Great job!!!
  7. LOL what a title!

    Love the pastilles I wear mine on my belt loop on the belt and the first one on jeans (just another idea for you)
  8. Totally adorable
  9. Love the pastilles....I got one hanging on my popincourt haut
  10. Very pretty! :yes:
  11. Your bag looks good!
  12. Lovely.
  13. very nice!
  14. I was really bored with the Speedy and kind of wished I had not bought it. But the Pastilles really jazzed it up for me and now I think I might use it!
  15. Looks great, and the title of your thread cracked me up!!!!