I picked up something unexpected today.....

  1. I was out shopping for a dress to wear for my B-day coming up and I just happened to walk by the coach counter at dillards and found something that I just couldn't pass up....

    More to come...

  2. What?????
  3. :popcorn:
  4. :dothewave:
  5. Tara!!!! Come on please tell!!!! Oh ya and post pics of course!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. Ya I want to know!
  8. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric: :lol:
  9. lmao this little guy gets lots of use around here lately, doesn't he! :roflmfao:
  10. :dothewave::popcorn:
  11. Waitiiiiiiiinnnnngggggggg.....:sleepy:
  12. I will give a hint will my pics upload from my camera.... It's black. ;)
  13. Hey! I gotta go to bed! I tired! What ya get ?????:hysteric:
  14. Come on.... I can't take the suspense
  15. Ummm....a black patent mini skinny or wristlet?